Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Fun Filled Fall Weekend!

Wow! It’s hard to believe this weekend is already over!!

We had a lot going on but it was so much fun!

Saturday morning Maddox had a t-ball game!  His team is currently undefeated.  He plays his last game tomorrow night…so we are crossing our fingers for a win…the team we are playing is a tough one!


Ryder has taken a liking to the hot dogs at the ball park….so he got one for breakfast!


When our teams score is up…the coach switches out the infield players with the outfield players.  Maddox gets to play pitcher!  He is really catching on this season.  We are so proud of him!   He did get a player out on 2nd base!


This has been such a fun team!  The coaches took them out to McDonalds after the game to celebrate their season!


We played the Braves.  Maddox and his buddy Zayne!


Kaeden, Maddox, Dayton, Ryder and Zayne…..I got so tickled that the boys posed like this….this was all their doings…not mine!! lol!


McDonald’s with the team!!

After McD’s…..we rushed home…changed clothes and was off to Elynd’s Birthday Party!


It  was on a farm!!!


And miss E had a Strawberry Shortcake theme!  She is seriously the cutest!!


Since I had the honors of carrying Elynd around to see all the animals…Donna carried Ryder!  Checking out the rabbits!


Maddox feeding the horse!


Ryder’s expression in this photo cracks me up….can you tell he wanted nothing to do with feeding the horse!!


Feeding the goats


Maddox LOVED feeding all the animals!


Ryder petting the chicken


We finally talked Elynd into a little petting!


I’m pretty sure that if Elynd doesn’t marry one of my boys….they will be her best friend and bodyguards for life!!


I’ll take you for a ride on my big green tractor!!!


We can go slow or make it go faster!!


Keleigh giving Maddox some loving!!


Birthday Party Friends!!!


Maddox got to ride a horse!!  Can you see the nervousness in his face!


Off he goes!


Ryder was my riding partner!


Such a FUN birthday party once again by my precious friend Keleigh.  Keleigh is one of my dearest friends!!  I am so blessed that God  placed her and her family in my life!

The decorations were adorable also…my phone went dead after the horse ride so I didn’t get any pics of it!

Saturday night we relaxed and watched an AMAZING Gamecock game!!  Wheww…it was a miracle and Chris and I were SO HAPPY about it!!!!

Sunday we took the boys to Carowinds one last time for the season.  Today was the last day they are open for 2013.

Maddox wanted in the “car”.  I told him that was one car he did not want in!


I love going to Carowinds in October when everything is decorated for Scarowinds and Fall!


The kids section had lots of fun Fall activities added for the little ones!


What a good sport Daddy was on all the rides!  He could barely fit into some of them but he did it anyway!


I love that Maddox now recognizes great places for a photo opp!  He said,  “hey Mommy, take a picture of me over here on the hay”  and thankfully Ryder doesn’t want to miss out on whatever Maddox is doing so he followed right along.  Now if we could just get Ryder to look at the camera…..I’m even OK if he doesn’t smile….I just want to see his face……that’s not to much to ask…..right?  We will get there!!


Me and Maddox on the roller coaster…..Maddox actually seemed a little nervous about it.  He snuggled into me going up the hill….but was all smiles and laughing like crazy once we went down!


Silly boy!




The straw maze!




We never play games at Carowinds but Maddox was dying to throw a football.  So we had 3 tries to get it in one of the holes….Maddox threw the first two and came really close to getting it in….impressively.  Chris threw the last one and won this Gamecocks football!!  So of course he had to play again and win another one….you can’t have 2 boys and only 1 football….not a good combination!!


We decided to pay the extra money to see the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit.  We should have saved our money!  lol!


This was their favorite part of the exhibit….digging for fossils!

It was such a blessed day and weekend.  Being with my family, outside on a gorgeous Fall day, having fun……it just doesn’t get any better!  Thank You God!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lineberger’s Pumpkin Patch 2013

It’s one of my favorite times of the year!

Time for cooler weather, scarves and boots, cozy evenings, crisp mornings, gorgeous sunsets, colorful leaves, and PUMPKIN PATCHES!!!

Wednesday after I picked up the boys from preschool….we headed to the pumpkin patch!_MG_6029

The boys were so excited!!  They have a John Deere dvd that talks about harvesting pumpkins and the pumpkin patches….so they have been ready to hit the pumpkin patch since July!!


Corn cribs are the BEST!!


Sweet Ryder is just growing up too fast!!!


oh….just relaxing in some corn


Brotherly Love on top of a hay bale


Maddox the Pig!


Ryder is almost tall enough!!


Showing their guns!!


and their abs of steel….


The SWORM!!!


Maddox is trying to talk me into hijacking the John Deere!


Lineberger’s  added a new little slide this year!


Boys paradise!


I love how he swings on his stomach!!


Maddox seems to grow like a foot a year….at this rate he will be 6 feet by the time he’s 6!!




Maddox asked me to take this picture!   I love that has started requesting the kind of pictures he wants taken!

We plan on having a few more dates with the pumpkin patch!  October is such a fun month!!