Monday, April 30, 2012

Plaid, Planting and Play Date

We had a great weekend and a great Monday!!  It always goes by so fast!!

Just wanted to first post a few pics from the end of last week.  I thought this one was cute of Maddox and Ryder turning the activity tray and the activity table upside down to make chairs!!


An evening in the backyard!!


Sunday, I dressed the boys alike again.  I really LOVE doing that for some reason.  Chris just rolls his eyes but being the awesome husband he is…he lets me do it anyway!  Thank you hubby!!  Have I ever mentioned that it is near impossible to get a pic of these two?  Well…it is real hard!!  Here is a small fraction of all the shots I take…any I’m LUCKY to get just one!!


My personal favorite is the choke hold one!! ha!

Saturday night we went to Lowe’s and did something we have been needing to do for 3 years!!!  We bought some shrubs for this natural area that consist of one Japanese maple, a well cover, electric box and whatever the white post is!  So when we got the boys down for their naps Sunday evening we went to work…(well actually, Chris went to work)!  I am terrible at knowing what to plant but I just started picking up stuff…I hope when everything gets to it’s full growth It looks good…unfortunately we are not completely finished so I will post the “after” picture later!


Ryder haling his ride!!


Hold on Ryder!!  Maddox is behind the wheel!!


Maddox driving Ryder around while Ryder tries to holler at the girls!!


There goes those Carrigan Boys!!

Today has been a super busy day.  One of the highlights from the day was a play date at the park with Andrea and Taylor!


This is just too much cuteness!!


Let me explain this pic!!  Maddox started hollering…”I gotta poo poo Mommy”.  Well, there was no bathroom around so I had to take him to the trees!  After Maddox did his business, I told him to stay put while I went to the car to get wipes….he didn’t listen…He went streaking thru the park!!!!  Can you see me to the left coming after him!!  So glad Andrea captured this hilarious moment!208

Ryder and Taylor enjoyed sucking on sticks and eating mulch!! 


These llittle dudes will probably be walking the next time they play together….tear!

Just for my remembrance…tonight when we got Ryder out of the bath tub and wrapped him in his towel…Maddox said “that a pretty baby”.  It was too cute!!

Have a Blessed Week!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Brain Dump

  • The boys are napping at the same time and the house is Super Quiet…weird!
  • I have started doing the Visalus shakes (body by vi).  Have you heard of them?  I think they taste great…there are hundreds of ways to fix them.  My favorite is peanut butter/banana.  I drink one for breakfast and it really is very filling and keeps me from getting hungry before lunch.  The best part is…it is packed full of nutrients that I know I need.  I am not doing them to lose weight but I would be happy if I could lose about 5-10 lbs!! Which brings me to my next point.
  • I go back to Duke in less than 2 weeks. They will do an MRI of my arteries to see if they are healed.  I KNOW that they are!  Isaiah 53:5  By his stripes I am Healed!!!  I am such a miracle!  It still seems so surreal to me that I had a stroke. I would like to share my heart more on that topic but that is a whole separate post! But my point being…once I get the all clear…I can start exercising again and that will help me to get the extra lbs off!!
  • The reason I have lbs to lose is b/c I eat spoonfuls of nutella as a nighttime snack!! ha!
  • Maddox won’t eat breakfast.  I offer him everything under the sun and he says, “No, I’m good…I not want breakfast”.  All he wants is his chocolate milk.  So I give him his chocolate milk and that’s it.
  • Today at lunch Maddox said he wanted pizza…so I fixed him some pizza.  I think he took one bite and was off doing something else.  I said “Maddox, are you not going to eat your pizza?”  He said, “I not want candy”.  ha!  Can you tell we bribe?? 
  • Maddox wanted to go to the mall after Ryder’s dr appt on Monday. He likes to go there so he can ride the “tractor”.   The boys were so good. We ate at CFA and I was even able to go in a few stores!! (quickly)  I told Maddox if he was good in the last store we went in I would take him to ride the tractor again.  I noticed him holding himself.  I asked him if he needed to go potty and he said “no, I go ride the tractor”.  So we left the store and made a b line to the family restroom.  He had wet underwear.  I said “Maddox, why did you pee pee in your pants”  He said, “I wanted to go ride the tractor”.  So unfortunately his punishment was…he didn’t get to ride the tractor again.  Poor thing…I’m learning that when he wants to do something…he doesn’t want a potty break standing in his way! ha!2012-04-23_12-43-35_798
  • Maddox has been coming to our room in the middle of the night wanting in our bed.  When we ask him what is wrong, he says “the wolves get me” or “the wolves in my room”.  Strange!!  I wonder if he is having a bad dream and if so, why a wolf?  He hasn’t been watching or exposed to anything of that nature.  Any help on that one….our bed is not big enough for 3!!
  • Ryder likes to bite our toes!! I will be working in the kitchen and next thing I know….my toe is getting bit…ouch!!
  • It is time to start planning the boys birthday party….really?
  • We’ve found  the boys doing some funny stuff lately…Maddox climbing into Ryder’s walker and getting stuck!!


  • Puffs Puffs everywhere!!!  They got quiet and we found this!!  The laugh was worth the mess!!  They were both eating them as fast as they could!! ha!


  • Hope your having a great Wednesday and thanks for listening!  I think I need to do more of these!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ryder is 10 Months!!

Ryder turned 10 months on April 16th!!  He is shedding his baby stage so fast and turning into a toddler…tear.  I want him to stay baby as long as possible. I will savor the next 7 weeks before his first birthday!

So Ryder…what are you up to?


You weighed 23 lbs and 30 inches long at the Dr a few weeks ago.  You are in size 12-18 clothes, size 3 diaper and size 4 shoe.


Ryder…you are such a little ham.  We love to just sit back and watch you! 


It’s getting harder to get your monthly pics b/c you just won’t sit still!


You are slowly transitioning to table food.  You don’t like the stage 3 baby foods so we give you stage 2 when we don’t have table food you can eat.  I’m a little nervous to give you certain foods b/c you still only have 2 bottom teeth.

You love to sneak and get Maddox’s sippy cups that have chocolate milk in them…you start guzzling it!

You are not saying Ma Ma yet but you are saying Aw Done!!  It’s the cutest thing!!  You are also waving hey and bye bye!


You and Maddox are starting to interact more and more!  My heart just bubbles over when I see you two playing sweetly together!


You’re not the best napper…you like to take power naps in the car and if you get one of those…you are good for the day!  It can really throw my schedule off b/c I really need you and brother to nap together so I can get a few things done.  If all goes well and you nap when you should…you nap close to 2 hours.


You still give the best kisses!!  You are still Mommy’s Boy!!


You have been clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth…too cute!!


You have no problem getting where you need to go but I don’t foresee you walking anytime soon….and that’s OK with me!!

120123(Alfalfa hair)124

You’re just so much fun!!  I love every minute I get to spend with you!!  You bring pure Joy to our lives!!! 

We Love You Ryder Bear!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Perfect Sunday!!

We had a great weekend!!  Saturday evening we went to hear our our great friends Deana and David from Heart 2 Heart Ministries.  They were singing at a church in Lincolnton. They are just so amazingly talented and anointed….we love getting the opportunity to hear them!!

Sunday morning we visited Bethlehem church to support Laura in her first time leading praise and worship at that church. It’s a HUGE church with thousands of members so her leading is a really big deal!!  God has just blessed her greatly with an awesome voice but better yet an amazing anointing!!  I am just so proud of her and how she is using her talents for the Lord!  I am a little envious though b/c I just don’t understand why I can’t sing!! ha!  After church we went to Laura’s for dinner and just enjoyed a perfect day with my family! 


I am laughing at this picture of me!!  Laura had just told me my hair looked good…I think she was kidding!! ha!


Laura just recently painted this chair and table..she got them from my Mawmaw….it’s amazing how a coat of paint can revive old things!! The colors made perfect picture props!!


My beautiful niece Tori!!


Tori is growing  so fast!!!


I think he is enjoying the Sunkist!!


Beautiful day + Family get together = Corn Hole


Tori takes tumbling classes and was showing us her new skills!!


Ryder only took a nap during church so this is what he looked like about 2 minutes after we left Laura’s house!!  Look at those lips!!!

I know I say it all the time but I LOVE my family and am so thankful for them and the Perfect Sunday we got to spend together!!!