Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anniversary Trip to the Dominican Republic!!!

September 13th at 6:00 am we drove to Charlotte Douglas, hopped on a plane and flew to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was time to start our week long celebration of our 15 year anniversary!!

We arrived in the Dominican around 11:00 ! The airport there was very interesting....mostly open air.
We were honored to be celebrating alongside with our good friend the Travis's... They were celebrating their 20 th anniversary.
We got a taxi and headed to Dreams Resort where we would be spending the next 6 nights!!!
And it was very dreamy!!
We had a swim out room so this piece of property right here was ours for the week!! Just a few steps from our room to the 400 meter long pool!
Flamingos just hang out on the resort!
This is the only pic from the first night.... A room selfie.
The second night at dinner. We had the hibachi grill!
The first few days we did nothing but RELAX.... And it was amazing!!!!!!
The boys making fun of us girls.... Posing for pics before dinner.
We definitely do it better than them!!
On this night we ate at a French restraunt on the resort and it was an amazing atmosphere.... The beach was our view and the weather was absolutely perfect for our outside seating. It did start to rain right as we finished dessert... Perfect timing!
My love!!

Just a little sample of what some of the food looked like!!!! This steak was so good!!

Tuesday we headed out for an excursion. We went zip lining! It was lots of fun and the views were breathtaking!


Getting ready to get harnessed up!!
There goes Chris!!!
One of the lines was 800 meters long.... It was awesome!
Comin in!!! Watch out!!

Brent and Kim

This made me think of cruising.... We had a towel animal on the back of our toilet.
Another room selfie!
This night we ate seafood! It was also fabulous!!
Brent refuses to smile too big.
The seafood restraunt was at the same place the French restraunt was at. They just alternate nights. So we had another night eating outside in an awesome atmosphere!!
This chair makes him look little!
Wednesday morning we had booked a boogie excursion. Unfortunately Brent woke up sick and couldn't go so Chris and I went solo. We missed our friends but we did have a very fun time!
We had no idea there would be an option for a photo shoot on this excursion. I was totally unprepared with my appearance but I love how fun the pics turned out! We drove our boogies to this beach and then they took the pics..... Thank goodness I wasn't muddy yet.


I wasn't afraid to get a little dirty!!
It started raining after we left the beach which made the second half of our trip very muddy!!!
We rinsed off by jumping in this water in the cave!
I loved this tree on the resort... I hate I didn't get it all in the pic.
On the resort
Heading to breakfast!
Thursday morning....Kim and I had a date with the spa.... And it was Devine!!!! The amenities we were able to use was almost as good as the 80 minute hot stone massage. I've never had a true spa experience so this was my first and I'm in LOVE!
I could have stayed in here all day!
Yes please!
Meanwhile back at the room.... The boys are living a pretty rough life. I mean.... It's tough having nothing to do but eat and relax in the pool all day!
Believe it or not we didn't spend a lot of time on the beach at the resort. We just really loved floating around in the pool... We just stayed there most of the week. But I did capture a pic of the beach.
We just about missed our chance with the beach photos... It was really kind of dark.

Last night at dinner.

Getting ready to leave.
Somebody's going to have to drag us out of here!
Goodbye birds who hang out at the bar!

And flamingos.... It was fun!!!

But at the end of the week..... I can really deep down be super excited to leave because I have two precious little faces waiting for me to get home and I absolutely could not wait to see them. This Mommy was getting homesick missing those little boys and the fifteen minute hug I got from them when I walked thru door was priceless!

But I did love all my quality time with Chris.... That was priceless also.

I'm so thankful to my family who watched the boys for us so that we could have this time away.