Monday, February 28, 2011

7 Facts Blog Award

I received this blog award from Anna at A Pair Of Kings.  Thanks Anna!

I have a hard time thinking up random facts about myself.   I almost need to take this award on as a project for the week so I can write them down as I think of them!  But, I would probably forget to do that so I will just put what I think of right now!  I am going to put things that are not in my profile….so if you want to know the most important facts about me….read my profile!!

1.   I just recently ate a whole bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s  (the big bag)  within 48 hours!  I LOVE those things!!!! (therefore…I should know why I am putting on the pregnancy weight!)

2.  I can’t wait for The Bachelor to come on tonight!!!!  My favorite girl is Emily…she’s a great representation of Charlotte!

3.  I am the worst cook ever!!!  Last Monday night I wouldn’t even eat what I fixed…it was NOT good!  Thank goodness my Mom spoils me with supper several nights a week!

4.  I am a DREAMER!!!  I love to set goals and make them happen.  Sometimes I get frustrated when I don’t feel like my long term goals are ever going to come to past.

5.  I want to learn to sew.  I got a sewing machine about 5 years ago for Christmas and have used it once.  I don’t even remember how to thread it.  My mom is a great sewer so I hope one day she can teach me.

6.  My favorite time of the year is…..DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!  I  love when the time changes back and we get that extra hour of daylight!!!  Which by the way is happening March 13th!!!!  Yay!!!!

7.  I love working but I would love to work a little less and be more of a stay at home mom.  I realize how short the time is when your kids are little and I know you can never get that time back.  It is not in the financial cards for me to be a stay at home mom but I know a God who can perform miracles….so I’m not giving up hope!!

Wow….these took me a while!

So, since I had to do some thinking today….I’m going to challenge a few more blog friends to do the same!!!

Casey at One Day at a Time (she has the cutest baby girl Daisy and is an amazing photographer)

Jan at Gigi's Journey (I love getting to chat with Jan every four weeks….she has great taste!)

Laura at Taylor Tales (My favorite little sister ever!)

Summer at The Deepe Peeps (We are both prego with boys that will be born around the same time and we both have boys that were born almost the same time!)

Olga at Life with the Marquez Family (she has the prettiest little girls and the best hair ever!)

Kimberley at Key Moments (she is one of the sweetest Blog friends and I would love it if she lived close by so we could meet!  Her boys are adorable!)

Jocelyn at Baby McCarn and Crave (the first Lady at my church and she has the cutest little 5 month old!!!)

Congratulations Girls….and have fun!!!

Family Girl’s Night….(plus Maddox)

Saturday night, Me, Laura, Joy, Tori, Mom and Maddox went to eat at a Mexican Restaurant in Charlotte called Cantina 1511.  They serve Authentic Mexican food and the atmosphere made me feel like I was on a cruise!   It was funny because I have had 3 different clients tell me about it within the last week and I had never heard of it before then…so I felt I should go!!  Since the hubby doesn’t like Mexican, who better to go with than my family!!


I had worked a 3 day stretch and hadn’t got to see Maddox very much so I decided to take him with me.  Chris went to Greensboro for the State Wrestling Tournament.


Mom, Joy and Tori had been in Concord all day for Tori’s cheerleading competition.  Her team came in first place!!!  Congratulations Tori!!!  They are having an AMAZING season with all their wins!!


Me and my beautiful Mommy!!


Maddox was so sleepy because he had not had much of a nap…he was loving on Aunt LaLa!!


Hands to the hair…she is loving it!

Sunday we made it to church with no burn incidents to send us to the ER instead!! Yay!  After church we enjoyed the beautiful……84 DEGREE WEATHER!!!!  It was a record high for that day!!  I love being outside in my t-shirt and flip flops and not getting cold!!! I pray it stays warm and doesn’t turn cold again!!!!

Hope everyone had and awesome weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praise Report!!

Maddox had an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon today and we received GREAT NEWS!!  His burn is only a second degree burn and his hand will heal just fine on its own!!! 

We celebrated this good news by going to the park and swinging!!


The weather was only in the high 50’s today but it was so nice outside!!  Compared to the cold winter we have had the 50’s feels so warm!


I’m not sure what this thing is…but it was tilted and spun around just by Maddox sitting in it.  He loved it for about 10 seconds and then he said…”off”.  When I got him off….bless his heart…he was so dizzy he couldn’t walk!!

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers!! I’m so glad to know who the GREAT PHYSICIAN is!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

22 Weeks and 20 Month Updates

This post is a few days late but on February 18th I finished up my 22nd week and Maddox turned 20 months old!!!


Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 22 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby R is the size of a Navel Orange!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 22 lbs (Shhhhh…..don’t tell nobody!)

Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants but everything else is regular.

Gender: It's a Boy!!! Ryder Thomas Carrigan

Movement: I am starting to feel lots of little movements and kicks….love it!! 

Sleep: GREAT!

What I miss: Wearing my Big Star Jeans

Cravings: Something sweet at night

Symptoms: More frequent Bathroom Trips! Ha!

Best Moment this week: My Doctor’s Appointment today..hearing the heartbeat and picking out his crib!

Maddox is 20 Months Old!!

So Maddox, What are you up to???

Well, we found out as of yesterday, you weighed in at 34 lbs!  You are such a chunk of lead and I’m starting to struggle lifting and carrying you!  Thank goodness you would rather walk on your own, we just need to teach you how to crawl in and out of your crib!! You are still in 2T clothing and wear 6-7 in shoes.


You are such a sweet sweet boy.  You have started answering us in Yes and No answers and even when you say “No”  it sounds so sweet!!!  I’m sure that won’t last forever but for now, we don’t mind hearing it.  When you say “yes”  you always say “Oh Yeah”  it’s too funny and I hope you always say it that way!


You are definitely all boy but you listen very well!  When you do something you shouldn’t and we have to get on to you…we can tell you take it to heart.  You are probably going to be very tender hearted like your Mom and Dad!


Your vocabulary is out the roof now!!  You talk so much!  You mimic a lot of the words you here!  Everyday is  new words.  You are starting to put some words together like, “play ball”, “bye bye Nana”, “Big Truck” and “Caine School”.


You make Mommy laugh out loud everyday and that says a lot.  (Mommy doesn’t laugh out loud at just anything.)  It has to be pretty funny!!

We were taking you to the ER yesterday and one of your favorite CD’s (Cofey – christian acoustic/reggae) was on…as soon as the music to one of the songs started you started saying “ Hey, Hey, Hey”.(it was even in the right rhythm)  How did you know that was the song that said that?  I have listened to that CD at least 100 times and I don’t know that I would have known that was the right song with the “hey” part!


I’m going to have to start writing down things throughout the month…you are doing so many new things now and changing so fast…I get overwhelmed trying to think of all them to put in your update!


Last but not least, here is your blistered up “BooBoo” that you have done so well with.  We have to keep your hand wrapped up at all times unless we are changing your dressing. The sight of this just makes me cringe.  When I first saw how blistered it was last night, I about passed out.  I definitely  could have never been a nurse but I will do whatever I need to do when it comes to taking care of you!  We love you so much and you could never ever know how much Joy you bring to us each and everyday! 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maddox’s First Trip to the ER…:(

This morning while getting ready for church, Maddox did the one thing I have always worried about him doing.   He grabbed my 450 degree flat iron and burn his hand. 


As a Mom, you try to do all you can do to prevent things like this but sometimes, you can be standing right there with your child and in the blink of an eye, the damage is done.  It was so pitiful.  We called his Pediatrician’s office and they were full for today so we took him on to the ER.  He has a second degree burn across the palm of his hand and a possible third degree burn in one area.  We have to take him to see a Plastic Surgeon this week to see if he will need anything done.  So I need lots of prayers going out for him that his little hand will heal very quickly and that he doesn’t have to go thru more.


He was such a trooper today….he did so good at the ER and he has been just carrying on as normal, being his playful little self!  We have give him all the “can cane” (candy cane) he has wanted today.  (he calls all candy, can cane)  It’s hard to resist when he ask in that sweet little voice!!

I hope everyone has had a less eventful Sunday!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belly = Baby

So I think Maddox doesn’t fully understand that there is only a baby in Mommy’s belly.  He sometimes points to his belly and Chris’s belly and says BABY!!  It’s really funny!


Maddox is giving us a preview of what I will look like in a few more months!!


I love how this little fellow just makes me laugh!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Wow, what a busy but GREAT Valentines Day!! My day started this morning with a few tears!!  I think it must have been my pregnancy hormones kicking in.  Two weeks ago, Maddox went to Mother’s Morning Out for the first time and we both did great.  This morning….me….not so great!  This was Maddox’s second time going and I dropped him off instead of walking him in….He Didn’t Even Look Back when the sweet lady took him out of his car seat and carried him in!  Luckily, I only had about 3 minutes to think about it and I was at my next destination….the Salon!!!  We had a Redken Color Class this morning so my mind was quickly taken off of my growing up little man.

Chris got home  from work and we headed to the Olive Garden for dinner! We were there by 5 hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded yet.   Maddox did so good in the restaurant and it was a very pleasant experience…not to mention the food was soooo good!!!  I loved getting to go on a date with my two Valentines!!

When we got home….we had Maddox a Valentine Treat!!


Maddox had a Valentine’s Party at MMO….here is his goody bag with all his cute Valentines and candies!!IMG_7518IMG_7519IMG_7522IMG_7527IMG_7533



I just have to share what happened to these cupcakes…I was taking them to work this morning and they got dumped over in the container!!!  Oh well, they still tasted delicious!!

Oh yeah!! Did I mention it was 71 degrees and beautiful today?  I now have Spring Fever really bay!!!

Hope everyone’s had a Great Valentine’s Day!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Show Us Your Life–Beauty Secrets!!

I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner for this fun show us your life week!!  Beauty Secrets!!  You can check out lots more post here!

Being a Hairstylist I feel I know lots of great hair tips…too many to share but I want to share some current favorite products.

Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost is a GREAT root lifter that gives fine hair volume without weighing it down or making it feel dirty!! Love!!


I just sold 3 bottles of this yesterday!! Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment!!  It is literally a miracle product.  It helps your hair blow dry faster, protects it from heat, smooths frizzy hair and moisturizes….all without making it feel heavy….amazing, right?  If you have never used Aquage products…you MUST try them….the whole line of products are GREAT!!!


I currently am an avid user of the Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm!!!  I used it the last time I was pregnant and did not get any stretch marks! (I gained 55 lbs!)  So I am a believer in this little tin!!


Have you ever heard of Aloette Cosmetics??  I have a friend who sells Aloette and I started using this Ultimate Foundation about 4 years ago and I just don’t think I could ever use anything else.  It has SPF 15 and is a mineral makeup… is so easy to apply, has great coverage and you feel like you don’t have any makeup on!!!


Now….last but not least.  Victoria’s Secret instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint!  I have had Melanoma Cancer and many Basal Cell Cancers so I Do  NOT try to get a tan from the sun.  The natural color of my skin is sooooo  white I have to use something or I would blind people with my whiteness.  Believe me when I say, I have used lots of different self tanners on the market and this one is my absolute FAVE!!!!  Save your skin from all the sun damage and try it out!!!


I hope you enjoyed some of my secrets…I would love to share more later!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maddox Funnies!!

The other night…Chris went outside to grill some steaks.  When he came in…he started laughing and called for me to come to the door.  When I went to see what was going on…I noticed this


If you’re not sure what this is…It is grapes cut in half that Maddox decided to use as window clings!!  I think it’s pretty creative of our little man!!! ha!


Just one of those little moments in life that just makes you laugh!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

Last night we headed to LaLa’s house to watch the Super Bowl!  She had all her friends over and was just an excellent hostess!!!  She made a turkey chili soup that was oh so good, cornbread, trail mix, pickle dillies, cupcakes and more!!!  We had a great time and it was good catching up with all her friends!  The only part of the game I watched was half time! Ha!  Love the Black Eyed Peas!


I really didn’t care who won the game but I randomly decided to pull for the Packers so I dressed Maddox in Green!!!


We enjoyed some roasted marshmallows and smores before going inside to watch the game!





Maddox was so sweet with Baby Ava!!  I think he’s going to be a great Big Brother!!


Before I snapped the picture of Maddox (above) he was really into the Black Eyed Peas performance.  He took it all in and then got up and tried to start copying some of their moves!!


I love his chunky legs showing in this pic!! (his pants were really not high waters!)