Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cereal, Thumb and Letters

This is just a hodge podge post….  Bet you could never tell from the title!!


I can’t believe how well Maddox does eating cereal…he usually only makes a small mess!


This little dude had found that his thumb soothes him just as good as his passy!


Maddox has really been into recognizing letters the last few months.  He can spot the letter A from a mile away!!  He also knows B, C, D, I ,L N O Q R S and U…he usually always gets those right!!  I don’t know how much a 2 year old should know at this point but this Mommy thinks he is a smart boy!!  I hope he always takes an interest in learning!


This is the first picture taken with me holding both my boys!!  What a hand full! Maddox weighs like almost 39 lbs now!!


It’s so sweet when Maddox holds Ryder.  Lately, when Maddox  is doing something sweet with Ryder…he tells me “picture Mommy” , meaning for me to take there picture….too sweet!!  My heart bubbleth over!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ryder’s Dedication - These Are The Words I Would Say

On Sunday, September 25th we dedicated our sweet baby Ryder back to his Heavenly Father.  It was such a beautiful, awesome, hair raising dedication….by the end….my MIL dedicated her own life back to the Lord!!  That is the MIGHTY God we serve!!!  God is already using my babies for his Glory…and I know this is just the beginning!084

I wish at  times like this that I was a better writer.  I have always struggled with writing and especially writing eloquently.  I often feel very repetitive with my words and I find it hard to capture the thoughts in my head and to get them down.  This was just a very special day in my life and I just can’t put into words all the reasons why.  085

I just thank God for choosing me and Chris to be the vessels to bring these 2 special boys into this world.  I pray that they will always be a light in this world.  That God’s Love will always shine thru them….and thru them…the lost will see the light and be drawn to it….and lives will be changed!


Sidewalk Prophets sing a song titled “The Words I Would Say”…. I love this song and especially the words to the chorus…

I will tell you (Maddox and Ryder)  some Simple Truths

Be strong in the lord and never give up hope….your going to do great things… I already know….God’s got his hand on you so don’t live life in fear…forgive and forget buy don’t forget why you’re here….take your time and pray….these are the words I would say.


I was so happy that I had my family there. 


After the dedication we all went to my Mom and Dad’s house for lunch!!  Mom fixed a huge meal consisting of country style steak and gravy, rice, corn, green beans, deviled eggs, vegetable casserole, biscuits, chicken tenders and a yummy apple cake!!!  Are you hungry yet?


Ryder wore the same outfit that Maddox wore for his dedication!! 107110118131

Mawmaw Brenda

Maddox was so excited to have all his favorite people at church with him and to see them all at his Nana’s house!! (minus Uncle Kevin and Caine…they were on a fishing trip)


Laura is saying “Go Panthers!”


I LOVE my family and I thank God so much for blessing me with them.  Such a special day! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Lens Love!

Here are some pics from the past week that I took with my new 50 mm lens.  I love it for the most  part…I haven’t got use to the fact that It doesn’t zoom in and out  but once I figure out where I need to stand to shoot  I love the look this lens gives my pics.


I took my camera to work last week…I need to start a portfolio of hairstyles and color that I do.  Even though I had my camera, I didn’t use it much….here is Sydni…she just started first grade…isn’t she cute!!


The back of Sydni’s hair!_MG_5112

I love me some McD’s Iced coffee’s….sugar free vanilla with extra cream please!!



Saturday evening, we went to my cousin Chad’s 40th birthday party.  His wife rented a photo booth and it was so much fun…they had all these fun props you could put on for the pictures….FUN!! 


My cousin Johnny and his wife Crystal


I know this pic is overexposed but I love it anyway!!


My cousin Tiffany and her son Harrison


Maddox, Laura and Harrison…unfortunately I didn’t even get a pic of the birthday boy.

Ryder after church


How cute are these little shoes!! I found them at a church consignment sale back in the spring…love me a good find!!


I didn’t plan it but me and Maddox were matching for church Sunday in our grey shirts!


That’s a lot of handsome!!!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!!!  I’m off tomorrow and will be with my boys!!!! LOVE!!