Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ryder’s Play Date at Monkey Joes!!

I interrupt the Oak Island Beach Vacation Series for this cuteness!!

Yep that’s right…I still have more beach pictures!

Last Wednesday, Ryder and I had a super fun play date with Andrea and Taylor. We met up with them after I dropped Maddox off at preschool.  We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my favorite) and next stop…Monkey Joes!!  Wednesdays are half price and children 3 and under are only charged $5 so for $2.50…we had a blast for an hour.  We only had an hour to play b/c I had to be back in Lincolnton to pick Maddox up by 11:30…we packed a lot in those 3 hours!! The boys were completely worn out after a full hour and both knocked out on the way back!!

Here is a little video of Ryder and Taylor.  Excuse my snorting and I say Ryder like a gazillion bunch of times!!



Taylor loved Monkey Joek

Ryder had a stand off with him!!

mmonkey joesnoy

We had so much fun!!  I’m glad I have children under age 4 so that I can supervise them on the big slides and get to slide too!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oak Island Part 3 (Ferry, Aquarium and Beach)

I have got to hurry and finish blogging about our vacation!!  I am getting behind on the rest of our life since we have been back!!  It seems it’s getting harder to find time to blog.  I’m not sure why.  I usually blog at night after the boys go to bed but lately I am too sleepy!

The flies were so bad on the beach we decided to take the ferry to Fort Fisher and go to the Aquarium.  Plus even if the flies weren’t bad we would have went anyway…tradition!!


Ryder’s first ferry ride!!


Well hello there!!_MG_7739


Maddox feeding the sea gulls!! He was having a blast!!



Ryder was getting so sleepy!!


Lined up waiting for some bread!!


Maddox loves his Uncle Nate Nate!!


Papaw and Ryder…twins


Ryder slept thru the first part of the aquarium.


The new addition to the end of the aquarium…a playground!



Fort Fisher


Maddox got chased by a doggie!!


Ryder’s ready to surf!!


My little monkey! Because this is the easy way to switch chairs!


Maddox jumping over a hole!!


Maddox’s First Sand Castle!!


Sand Beard!!!

Looking back thru these pictures makes me want to be at the beach real bad!!!  Maddox has asked almost everyday to go back to the beach!!  I think it really won him over this time!!