Monday, April 7, 2014

Backing Up….To My Birthday!!!

It has been almost a month since my birthday but I wanted to make sure I recorded my special day!

Two extra special blessings that make my day so special.  Every year I have with these boys is pure JOY and I pray God gives me at least 50-60 more!!

iphone feb march 2014 277

The Saturday before my birthday the hubby had arranged a night out to eat with some friends.  Of course he let me pick where I wanted to eat.  I love some Olive Garden…so that is where I chose!!

iphone feb march 2014 238

A funny story that happened right after this pic was taken.  Ryder decided to pull his pants down if front of God and the 50 people waiting outside…and all the people that happen to have been looking out the window at Ruby Tuesday….and take a wiz…..yes he did.  Oh my before we even knew it was happening the 50 people waiting outside was all turned around looking our way chuckling and saying “bless his heart”!  lol!  At that point we just had to let him finish and then have the talk with him about apropriate places that is OK to drop em!

iphone feb march 2014 244iphone feb march 2014 249iphone feb march 2014 251

Three special friends!!!  Love these girls to pieces!!

iphone feb march 2014 252

Our Men!!!  They are all special too!!

iphone feb march 2014 286

I LOVE breakfast foods so I called my Mawmaw to see if she would like to go to Cracker Barrel with me.  Had to start the day out right!  But Laura started my day out GREAT!  She greeted me with Stella and Starbucks in hand!  Sweet baby loving and some good coffee….my Mawmaw and Cracker Barrel….yes my morning was going fabulous!

iphone feb march 2014 287

We dropped the boys off at school.  It may have gotten a little crazy if I had tried to take them out to eat too.

iphone feb march 2014 292

Spending time with Mawmaw and Stella….was pure JOY!!  I may have spoiled Stella a little by giving her some CB gravy!!  She was gobbling it up!!

iphone feb march 2014 305

After picking the boys up from school…we headed home to spend the afternoon.  It was a GORGEOUS Day!!!  Mid 70’s and a beautiful Carolina Blue sky!!  We played outside for most of the day.  Ryder cracked me up….I told him to go inside and change out of his good clothes and to put on some play clothes.  He came out in his boots…grey skinny jeans that were on backwards and a halloween shirt…that was also backwards but he had already fixed it when I took this pic!!  lol!!  He is one funny kid!!

iphone feb march 2014 306

We relaxed a little before Maddox’s tee ball practice!  Ryder photo bombed this one!!!

iphone feb march 2014 334iphone feb march 2014 337iphone feb march 2014 339iphone feb march 2014 343

Tee Ball Practice!!!  I can’t wait for his first game of the season on Saturday!!

After his practice…I got to choose supper too!!  Lucky me!!  I love Mexican…Chris does not.  But he was willing to eat it….just for me!  He’s a sweetheart!!!

iphone feb march 2014 346iphone feb march 2014 347iphone feb march 2014 350

I LOVE this man!  He makes everyday special!!

When we got home…Chris had me a cake….that he and Maddox apologized for….they said it was ugly.  But I think it is PERFECT! Hey…any cake is perfect for me!!! Nom Nom!

iphone feb march 2014 351iphone feb march 2014 353iphone feb march 2014 356

My birthday gift!!  I love this thing.  I honestly where it everyday!! I’m hooked!!

I know I am another year older….and I would like to pause time….but the truth is…I am just happy to be alive and healthy and living a blessed life!  I have so many promises here on this earth and I plan on living them to the fullest.  Though we may go thru tough times here on this earth…God created us to live an abundant life thru him….and that is my plan!!  Thank You God for another year!!