Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Self Service Hair Stylist

So what do you do on a rainy day at home? 

Maybe do your hair….


And get rid of those roots!!!


Fresh Color…..Ahhhhhh!!!

Disclaimer…..I am a professional….please don’t try this at home!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Show us Your Life…Master Bedrooms


Well, I’m a few days late but i’m going to jump in anyway!! 

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show us your life Fridays…this past Friday was Master Bedrooms!  Here are some pics of ours.  Please look past the plain wall color…it is not my personality or decorating sense….we just haven’t made it that far painting yet!!


This is the view from the door going into the room.

IMG_5347 IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5350 IMG_5351 IMG_5352 IMG_5354

My jewelry tray

IMG_5355 IMG_5359 IMG_5360

I got this cute piece of pottery for Christmas one year and It makes a great catch all for my hair accessories.  When I take my hair down before bed…i just throw the holder in the dish!!


My one year Bible and Devotion book..I need to read more.



My friend Emily got me the beautiful Mosaic lamp for Christmas this past year and it looks perfect with the colors and decor of the bedroom.


The brown pillow was the inspiration piece for the color scheme of the bedroom. 

IMG_5367 IMG_5368

I love lots of pillows…can u tell?  Counting our sleeping pillows there are 16 pillows!

IMG_5370 IMG_5372 IMG_5380 IMG_5394

So there you have it…The Carrigan’s Master Bedroom!

Girls Night In…Lazy Rainy Sunday and Monkey Joes Monday

I guess you have all figured my out by now…I do multiple blogs all in one!!  Mainly because the weekends are when we actually have more going on…the weekdays would be posts of me working and Maddox going to his Nana’s….speaking of Nana…she got to take a cruise last week and My sweet sister Joy kept Maddox for me while she was gone…he loved getting to spend time with his Aunt Jay Jay, Uncle Kevin and cousins Tori and Caine but I know he has missed his Nana and will be glad to see her in the morning!  I am so blessed to have family to look after my little man…I never have any worries that he is not in good hands!!

So Saturday I had some friends over for a Girls Night In…(a.k.a  Pure Romance Party)!! We had a blast and I enjoyed getting to catch up and talk to some sweet friends. I co-hosted the party with one of my lovelies Amber.  Together we cooked up some yummy food!!

IMG_5327 IMG_5328 IMG_5329 IMG_5330

Krista, Holly and Joy


Misty, a client  who has become a dear friend and Staci…the PR consultant!


My neighbors…Jackie and Kimberly


Amber and her peeps!


The hostesses


Amber and her sister Ashley….such pretty girls!


Misty and Me


Krista, Me and Holly

IMG_5342 IMG_5343

Jennifer..a friend from High School..this girl is a nut!


So Sunday….this picture is going to sum up our day!!  LAZY!!  We went to church and then it was the couch for the rest of the day.  You gotta love rainy lazy Sundays every once in a while!!


Now I’m going to jump out of sequence here and throw in a picture from last week.  We were leaving Aldi’s and Maddox loves grapes….he just started digging into the container!!  Notice his foot is on top of the container…it was too funny.  I kinda cringed b/c they had not been washed. 

IMG_7569 IMG_7570

Chris was off work today and it was pouring down rain all day so we decided to take Maddox on his first trip to Monkey Joe’s.  Maddox was very nervous about it when we went in…he was overwhelmed I do believe.  He cried when we tried to play on the jumpy things and we thought we had wasted our money…but then he started warming up to it.  The pics will show mostly him looking upset but I promise he had a lot of happy moments there!

IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7576 IMG_7578 IMG_7579

This picture reminds me of the face I captured after he had his shots at his dr. appointment




Maddox started having more fun when we moved to the big slides!! Does that make any sense?



IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7584

These pics were toward the end when he was wearing down and starting to melt down!!

IMG_7585 IMG_7586 IMG_7588 IMG_7590

He loved the arcade section!

IMG_7591IMG_7593 IMG_7595

He won enough tickets to get a little toy car!  Yay…his first super duper cheap arcade prize!!


We have had a Great Weekend… weekend is very special, the hubs and I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding Anniversary!!  Yay us!!  Hope you had a Great Weekend and a Great Monday!