Monday, June 23, 2014

Carrigan’s Go Cruising!!

Warning….this is super long!!!

I’m sure if you know me personally or have followed my blog for any length of time…you all know too well that I LOVE CRUISES!!  So about a month ago…we found a great deal on a cruise and decided to make it our family vacation.  I had already planned to take off work the week of the boys birthdays so we decided not to tell them where we were going and made it their  BIG Birthday Surprise!!

We had their party on Saturday morning, and left out about 3 am Sunday morning.  The boys didn’t go to bed until about 12 so they were good and tired when we picked them up out of bed and put them in the car….back to sleep they went.  They slept until 7 and 8 that morning!  We arrived at Port Canaveral around 11:30.  Easy Peasy driving down….the ride home…not so much!!!

On Saturday I went to Walmart and dug into the $5 movie bin looking for this jewel..  Good ole Sandlot!!  It helped pass almost 2 hours of the ride!!


Let the overview begin!!!!

Day 1….Traveling, Boarding and Settling In!!


Sunday was also Father’s Day!  We sang to Chris several times that day!  I am so thankful and blessed to call him my Baby’s Daddy!! We couldn’t ask for more.  He exemplifies a GREAT FATHER in every way!! He is the spiritual head of our house and truly guides with God’s guidance.  He prays over us every morning and every night.  I’m sure he is interceding during the day too.  WE are so blessed to have this amazing man leading our family!! He deserves to be celebrated every day!


We passed our passion for the 24 hour ice cream machine on to our kids very quickly!!!  We put down at least 2 a day!!




Daddy and his chaps before setting sail!!!


The boys LOVED the putt putt course!!


Maddox is a good little putt putter!


Ryder admiring the Disney ship!!


Let the eating begin!!!  I really ate so much I was miserable from day 2 on!!!


The first night at dinner!  Thank goodness it was just our family at a table. Ryder did better than I thought but it was still a little challenging.  After the second night we took them to camp carnival and Chris and I had date nights!!


Handsome Dinner Date!!


My little stud muffin!!


Little Cutie and Big Cutie!!


One of the highlights of their cruise…coming back to the room and seeing what kind of animal they had on the bed!!


In the elevator!!


This face cracks me up….what is even funnier is he is not really playing the game….just pretending!


Ryder….you are cute as can be on  a motorcycle but I pray to God you never get one!!!


The simulator was their favorite arcade attraction!!

Day 2….Day at Sea

The next day…Monday, was Ryder’s birthday!!!  I woke him up jumping like a crazy woman on the bed and singing to him.  He cracked me up when he started saying “calm down”.  Too cute coming from a freshly turned 3 year old!


We packed a small present for him to open on his special day!  He was so excited!!


Ryder doesn’t like his pic taken so I have told him he doesn’t have to smile at the camera but I just want to see his eyes….so this is what I get!  Hey, I’ll take it!!  At least I can see those beautiful blue eyes and that sweet face!!


It’s day 2 and we are starting it off right….more ice cream!!! Birthday Boy was allowed all he wanted!


Sweet brothers!! They really get along great most of the time!!  Makes this Mama heart happy!!


Believe it or not…out of all my cruises…I don’t think I have ever got in the pools on the ship.  I’m just not a fan of them.  But this year was different…when your 3 year old birthday boy says that’s what he wants to do…you put on your suit and get in!  I smiled the whole time….I love this age that my boys still cling to me like a leech in the water.  It was over their heads and they had no floaties….so I was their security…and I loved every second!


The second night was formal night!  So we got cleaned up, put on our best (that we brought) and headed to dinner!!


Handsome boy/man !!!


My little 3 year old!  I can’t believe he’s 3!!!!


The waiters came out and sang to Ryder!! 


They put this napkin on his head and he did not like it one bit!  He started cutting his eyes!! It was hilarious….everyone around us was laughing!!


He jerked the hat off and was happy to blow out his 3 candle!!


Loving the Loving!!


Unfortunately we didn’t’ get a professional pic of us….but a sweet fellow passenger offered to take a pic of us and I think the background couldn’t be more perfect!  Not to mention I didn’t have to pay $22 for an 8x10…Win Win!!


Towel animals of the night!!


Change of clothes and they are ready to hit the arcade!




Mommy and Daddy Selfie!!


Ryder chose to spend all his birthday arcade money on the simulator!!

Day 3…Half Moon Cay!!

On Tuesday we were at Half Moon Cay.  I love that place!!  A beautiful beach on Carnivals private island….yes and yes!!!!


We had to take a tender boat to the island….the boys thought that was pretty cool!


They had this little water slide on the island and the boys loved it!!  By the time we left they were all but flipping down the slide!


I mean….why can’t NC beach water look like this???


Lots of fun playing in the water!!


Sand Play!


There was such a long line to get on the tender boat so we just stayed on the beach.  We were the last ones left on the beach and it was GREAT!!


Family Shot!!

We took the kids to Camp Carnival and Chris and I had a date night…we realized that was the first dinner on a cruise with just the two of us in forever.  And for the first time in forever….no pic of it. 


When we went to pick up the kids….this is what we found!!! It was too cute!  They have never had their faces painted before.  It was jungle night at camp carnival!!


Good night tigers!!! (Why could they not have painted a Gamecock face??)

Day 4….Nassau

Happy Birthday Maddox!!!!

Wednesday was Maddox’s birthday!!  I woke him up singing and bouncing on the bed and he started whining!! lol! must have been my singing!!  Since Ryder got a present…he woke up anxious to get his!!  So he opened his present and we sang to him!!!  How is he possibly 5???


You won’t ice cream for breakfast??? Well of course!!!


We wanted to keep our excursions  simple so in Nassau we took a taxi to Paradise Island and went to Cabbage beach.  It was beautiful!!!


It is such a blessing when a by passer ask you if you’d like a pic with everyone in it!!!


In the taxi headed to the beach with the birthday boy!!


Ryder said, “this driving is tearing up my nerves”!  Lol!  We busted!!


Come to Daddy!!


Hey there Cutie!!


My sunglasses gives away who the photographer is!!


Playing their hearts out in the crystal clear water!!349364393

And we worked up an appetite for more ice cream!!


Did I mention we ate A Lot!!


Heading to camp carnival!!  Chris and I had another date night!!


We had our own fun while they were having theirs!!



The monkey is my favorite!!!  Maddox and I ended the night going to the candy shop and letting him pick out his special birthday candy and playing in the arcade!!  We also was entertained by watching half the people on the boat at the dance party on the deck!  I tried to teach Maddox some dances but he wasn’t feeling it!  Happy Birthday my sweet Maddox!!

Day 4… Freeport

Once again our plans for Freeport was to go to another beach.  We got off the ship and found a taxi to a recommended beach. 


They thought they were hot stuff not having to buckle up or ride  in a car seat.


Well hey there good looking!!


Okay…couldn’t decide which pic to post!!


Another sweet bystander took our pic…after seeing me struggle to try and prop my camera and set my timer!!


I mean…he looks like 5 going on 15!!


Whewww….this is better….the toy is a reminder he is still a little boy!  He asked for his pic to be taken with Hulk.


Relaxing in the room with Daddy!!


Getting ready to set sail from Freeport!!



Our view from the Lido deck!!


Heading to Camp Carnival!  They were so excited to go there every night!


We decided to skip the dining room the last night.  That is rare for us.  We LOVE the dining room….but we had a late lunch and I could not possibly put another bite of food in my mouth….I was in pop mode!!  So we headed to the Serenity Deck for adults only and relaxed in a hammock…it was perfection!!


After a couple hours of just hanging out and relaxing around the boat…we went and reserved our spots for the Family Night Movie…..FROZEN.  As if we haven’t watched it everyday since Easter!!  The boys were glued to it as is it was their first time seeing it!!


Chris went and got the boys and we were cozy with popcorn for the next hour and a half!


Chris got a little too cozy!!


My little cuddler!


Our last night… sad!  I sure do miss having my room tidied up twice a day….and chocolate on my pillow…and those cute little towel animals!!


This little dude was out in a minute!!!


Our last breakfast as we wait to get off the ship!


It was an awesome vacation!!!  We are definitely a fan of going on a cruise for our family vacation!!  The boys are already asking to go back!!  I am so thankful to God for my family and this precious time that we got to spend together making sweet Memories!!!