Monday, September 30, 2013

Wreaths and More Wreaths

I have developed a love hate relationship with making wreaths!  I love designing and creating them...oh...and the trips to Hobby Lobby.   I hate that it takes what little free time I have during the week to do them.  I made a mistake of buying extra supplies to make a few to sell... And that turned into a part time job....that made no money...ha! (Supplies are expensive...even at 40-50% off)

So I'm done for now...until Christmas time!

My first wreath ever!!Go Cocks!!

One for my sweet niece Stella...when she was born...for the hospital.

The first one I sold! I ended up making 4 more identical to this one.

Special order for a Pittsburg fan!

For my studio at the salon!

A coworker

My front door

My sisters MIL
I am ready to start getting inspiration for a Christmas Wreath!!!  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maddox and Ryder Start Preschool!!! (a month ago)

Wow!!!!  I took a very unintended Blogging break. 

Now I have so much to catch up on! 

So I may as well start with where I left off…..the boys started Preschool!!

Orientation was on August 25th.  I took Maddox with me and Chris stayed at home with Ryder while he napped.  Maddox is in a new classroom this year.  His seat was across from his best buddy Isaac!  They were thrilled!!

iphone summer 2013 429

iphone summer 2013 432

They gave them this book at orientation so of course we had to read it that night!  So cute!

iphone summer 2013 453

After orientation me and Maddox went to see the movie Planes.  We both loved it and I loved having the one on one time with my big boy!

iphone summer 2013 475

So Monday morning was the big day!!! August 26th 2013…..Maddox’s last first day of preschool….wow!!  I think I did get a little emotional thinking about that!

iphone summer 2013 476

iphone summer 2013 477

Waiting excitedly in the drop off line!!

iphone summer 2013 459iphone summer 2013 466

Little bro waiting to pick him up!!

iphone summer 2013 469

That evening the boys had well checks.  They both checked out well and had to get their shots.  Ryder cried 2 seconds and Maddox cried……well,  a really long time….I had to take him to Target and get a toy so that he would quit crying.  He didn’t handle the shots so well……bless!  Ryder is in the 70 and 80 percentile for weight and height and Maddox was 97 and 99 percentile for weight and height!  I don’t have a pic of Ryder…..the days of taking lots of pics at the Dr office with these 2 by myself are non existent right now….Ryder was WILD!!  Love him!

iphone summer 2013 480

Ryder started preschool Thursday of that week.  August 29th 2013.  He had absolutely no problem.  I had been putting him in MMO one day a week last school year so he was use to the school and the routine…so no tears from this big boy!!!

iphone summer 2013 497

He insisted on wearing the band aid….even though there was no boo boo!  Just part of his outfit!!

iphone summer 2013 510

I’m really not sure where the last 2 years have gone….how did he get so big??

So they are both a month in and LOVE preschool!!