Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have a walker and Sunday Play!!

First of all, I am so excited to report that Maddox can officially walk!!! On Saturday, May 22nd he took his first steps!!! Unfortunately, he decided to do it while I was at work so Daddy was the first to witness the precious event. Thankfully, Maddox didn't want Mommy to feel left out so he showed off his new trick for me when I got home. It was an amazing moment! My mind can barely comprehend that 11 short months ago, he was a tiny 8 lb 10 oz baby that was just being born!!! Unbelievable!! I've seen it happen all my life but it is just so different when it is your miracle! Monday evening he walked about 10 feet across our bathroom!! Chris and I just cheered him on and it was just a moment of life I will never forget. I think I almost cried!! I know in a few short weeks I probally won't even remember the time that he couldn't walk, but I am excited to see him growing and learning so much. He just keeps getting funner!! Personally, I'm ready to hit Monkey Joes!

Since I embraced the moment in the moment I don't have a picture to show of his first steps. I did get a short video on my cell this morning so I need to figure out how I can post it. So until then here is his Sunday Playground Adventure!!

Maddox is ready to go!!

The Swing was actually taking my stomach!!
Team Sunblock!

Love Love Love this little fellow!!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eleven Months!!

Maddox, you turned eleven months yesterday and I just can't believe it!!! You just get funner and funner by the day, i guess thats why time goes faster and faster!! Time flies when you're having fun :)!!! So what are you up to?

You love to hold our hands and try to walk, you can do it pretty well now by only holding on to one finger.
You eat mostly table food now. You love mashed potatoes, yougurt, oatmeal, pizza, mac n cheese.
You're not saying a lot of words yet and still no Mommy but I know the time will come soon. You say "oy" alot!! A few days ago you started saying "boat", I think Papaw may have taught you that!! You have Dada down perfectly, (still not fair) ha!
You are starting to get into everything!!
You start bouncing(dancing) when you hear music!
You clap anytime you hear the word "good"!

I am in the process of planning your birthday party and I know you want remember it, but i want it to be so much fun for you and all your guests!!

It's time to get a gate!! You are starting to climb!! SCARY!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day!!

I absolutely loved my first Mother's Day!! It was so special!! I told my family, I like this Mother's Day thing, I feel like i have 2 Birthdays now! Our day started out early, we met Chris's Mom and Dad for breakfast, then suprised my Mom and Dad at there church, went out to lunch with them to Brookwood, Sunday Strolled, rested an hour or two and then off to the cookout at Joy's house! We were super tired at the end of the day but it was GREAT!!! Chris and Maddox gave me a sweet card and a hour Swedish Massage!!! Can't wait to get that!!!!

The pictures are not in order b/c i haven't figured out how to arrange them w/out wanting to pull my hair out! If you have any tips please let me know!!

Harrison and Maddox

Harrison is only 6 weeks younger!! What a size difference!
Willow and the Boys

Maddox and Papaw before church
After Breakfast, Chris smashed his finger and Maddox's pants are really not high waters!!Ha!
Mammaw Brenda
Oh my goodness, I could just eat him up!!!
Thank You God for blessing me with such a great family!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photographer Wannabe!

Here a a few pictures from 2 weeks ago! It was such a beautiful day and I wanted to get some pics of Maddox next to my flowers. I am trying to learn some different editing techniques on Adobe Elements Photoshop. I would love nothing more but to be a great amateur photographer!!

Do you love photography? Have any tips for me?