Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life in April 2013 (according to the IPhone)

I have to be honest…this year has been tough. Losing Chris’s Grandmother, Dad and Mom all in 3 months has been devastating.  I pray the rest of the year gets better.  But amidst it all…these 2 little boys bring Joy to our lives everyday!

This update starts from the day Mawmaw Brenda passed away.  Little did we know that this beautiful sunny Wednesday would end up being one of the most unforgettable evenings in our life.


Picnic lunch on the patio.


Sweet boy loves his hats….he put this one on to take a nap in.


My Mom brought balloons to the graveside so the kids could let them go…up to heaven to Mawmaw Brenda.  Maddox gave her the idea.


Looking up to heaven…watching the balloons travel so fast!




Cousins wrestling


On Sunday…Caine and Kevin came over and mowed our weeds for us! 



I love this pic of my 3 boys!


The Cody’s and Arias’s brought us supper on Wednesday.  It was so nice hanging out and chatting with these precious friends!


I got dressed up for them! 


Tee Ball has begun!


Carowinds…family fun day!


Maddox pushing Ryder…he insisted!!


The skytower is always first!


Yall are going to get so tired of seeing Carowinds pictures!  Its only April and we have done gone twice….that means our season passes have done paid for themselves!!  Best Christmas gift ever!! Thanks Mom!!


Ryder at his Dr appointment….I just had to post this…it makes me smile!


I got tickled when Maddox came walking out from preschool yesterday…he was wearing this hat and was so proud!!  I just adore this age!!

Brenda Kay

2 weeks ago…April 10th 2013…Chris’s Mom passed away.  She had been suffering from COPD and God decided to take her home before she had to suffer worse.  She also was grieving for Gerald…Chris’s Dad who passed away February 15th 2013.  As Maddox said on the way home from her house after she had passed “I bet she’s so happy to be with Pawpaw Gerald” ….it brought tears to my eyes.266

I honestly don’t have the words for this post.  I’ve put off writing this one in hopes that the words would come.  It doesn’t seem real.  I can’t believe they are both gone.  I can’t imagine what Chris is feeling inside. My heart hurts for him.  Chris was very close to his parents, especially his Mom.  They talked every day!  He is a Mama’s Boy.

Maddox and Ryder adored Mawmaw Brenda and Pawpaw Gerald, I pray Maddox will always be able to remember them.  I hurt thinking that Ryder didn’t get much time with them. 

But we will tell them…we will talk about them….we will remember them.

If you will…please keep Chris in your prayers. 

God is our refuge and strength…Our very present help in times of trouble! Psalm 46:1

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Four Day Weekend!

I just had a busy but fun 4 day weekend with my boys, but before I share what we did…let me back up to recap some of the week.

Easter Monday I woke up and went downstairs to start a load of laundry and this is what I walked into!

An Easter Miracle!!  Thank You Chris…this is seriously a rare thing…I’m pretty sure it’s never happened before…no laundry!!


We had a relaxing morning at home and then I went into the salon to do my sweet friend Emily’s hair for her bridal portrait..

This pic was our inspiration for her style…can’t show you her pics yet!!!


Laura gave me my Birthday present on Sunday…a new SC hat and tee!! I sported it to the ball field Monday evening to watch Maddox practice tee ball!  Thank you LaLa!!


Cute bathed boys in matching pajamas!!


I worked Tuesday Wed and Thursday….very long days.  Cuddling on the couch at night was the only time I was home to spend with the boys during those 3 days….hurts my heart.  He is getting so big…his legs will be longer than mine before long.

Friday morning, Chris headed to Georgia Southern for a coaches clinic and was gone until Saturday evening.  So Friday morning at 10:30 I decided to take the boys to Carowinds.  Maddox has been asking to go all  Winter and poor thing just couldn’t understand they are closed in the winter.  So we threw on some clothes, swung thru Chic-fil-a drive thru, had our season passes made and was riding rides by 1:00.  The boys did so well!!  I have never taken them by myself so I didn’t know how it would go…but we had a great time!!  I was so proud of them I treated them with a chocolate milk shake for the ride home!!


I ask Maddox if I could take his picture and this is how he posed…melt my heart!  Now if we can just get Ryder trained for the camera!!


Riding the sky tower…they are so focused!!


Ryder’s first time on the swings!!  He was barely tall enough…honestly he was about 1/2 in too short but they let him ride anyway!




Ryder’s first roller coaster!!


Maddox was wanting to be so independent…he wouldn’t ride with us…he wanted a section of the train to himself!!


Ryder wanted a seat to himself…sweet boy with his hands crossed.


Waiting in line for the balloons! Silly boys!


Fly high Maddox!!

We came home..changed clothes and played a few minutes and we were off again.

Andrea and Shep’s Gender Reveal Party!…It’s a GIRL!!!  I’m so happy Laura and Andrea are having girls!!!


Big Brother Taylor!!

Saturday morning was an early tee ball practice for Maddox and then we headed to Chic-fil-a for a lunch play date!


The boys had fun playing with Brayden and Brody!!


So glad Maddox is such a loving little boy!!


water break!!


Brody is such a sweet little boy!

Saturday evening, Chris came home and we ate and all played outside like little kids until it was completely dark!!  Soaking us this warm weather we finally have!! So thankful it is Spring and starting to feel like it!!



The sweetest moments!!

The rest of the weekend was lots of playing outside!  This warm weather and time with my boys makes it really hard to go back to work.  It makes me once again dream of being a SAHM.  I am just so thankful for the days I am at home with them…so blessed!


Ryder cracks me up riding this big 4 wheeler.  He has to sit cock eyed on it to be able to reach the peddle…you can see how high up his other foot is!


Nice outfit…Maddox!


Doing some serious dirt playing!!



Monday after Preschool and MMO…we picked up lunch and headed to the park!! 


the boys did a lot of sliding




They played with a doggy



Practiced walking up and down the sliding board


crawled thru tunnels with a chocolate milk mustache


trying to learn to do the monkey bars


skipped nap and went cleat shopping with Daddy!!

I always want to remember these special days that are filled with the simple joys of life. Happy Happy Happy!