Monday, July 30, 2012

Lemons, Rides and A Trip Down the Stairs!!

Have I said how much I LOVE having Saturday’s off??  No…well, I LOVE having Saturdays off…. A LOT!!!  It has changed my life!!  Fridays feel like Fridays again and I feel like I get to spend more time with my kids and hubby!!  I am not in the least bit anymore productive but that was not my goal…it was all about quality time with my boys!!  As a matter of fact, I think I give up on being productive until my boys go off to college…ha!

Saturday night we went to Surf and Turf to celebrate Mawmaw Carrigans birthday!!  We were so excited that Grandma Nora and Aunt Jean came too!!  Maddox and Ryder loved eating lemons!!



Sunday after church we met LaLa and Nate at Carowinds!!  Maddox was beside himself to have them there!!


I enjoyed having them there too.  They rode all the rides with Maddox and I didn’t have to end up with motion sickness!!


Maddox introduced them to his pal Snoopy!!


Gosh I could just eat him up!!!18

Ryder was all smiles on the carrousel!!


Loved getting to spend time with my Sissy!!



Me and Ryder are in number 9 and Nate and Maddox are in number 10!


The new windcatcher ride!!


Maddox watching Daddy and LaLa swing to the top!!


Ryder taking a snack break!!


This was the first time Maddox has ever rode the scrambler!!  It is one of the few rides that is not in the kid section that he was tall enough to ride!!  He laughed the whole time!!


Today was just a busy day of errands and I went to the salon and did my Mommy’s hair.  Maddox started vacation Bible School tonight at my Mom’s church…he loved it!!  While he was and Ryder did a little baking



I leave you with this story…Saturday night…Me, Ryder and Maddox were going up the stairs….Me and Ryder got to the top and just as we did I turned to look at Maddox and somehow he lost his balance and went tumbling and rolling backwards down the stairs.  I was frantic to say the least and just started hollering for Chris to help get to him.  I think it scared Maddox but otherwise he was not hurt at all.  Me on the other hand, my body was just paralyzed from fear…it took me awhile for my body to quit shaking.  It was a nasty fall!! After we all calmed down….Maddox said ‘I’m OK…God Saved me”.  In a moment like that is when I truly know the meaning of  “warmed my heart”.  It is also a moment like that I feel like…we must be doing something right!!  Out of all the things I want to teach my children, the most important is….How Great is Our God!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Randoms on Wednesday!!

After a long day at home with the boys…

They are in bed….

And I am enjoying this….


I love some OIKOS greek yogurt!!  Key Lime is so yummy and especially with a few mini Oreos!!  I know that combination from when I worked at a yogurt shop when I was 16!! 

And to make this Mommy alone time even better I am catching up on


I am starting to have my favorites!!  I have always been a fan of Janelle and Dan and out of the newbies I think I willl be pulling for Frank and maybe Ashley…she seems to be a little ditsy so I usually pull for an underdog!! (this statement subject to change)

2012-07-25 002

Ryder is getting better and better at his walking!!! He is walking about 50% of the time now…it is so cute!!  He is stilll really wobbly!!  He also has a few new obsessions.  One being hats and another being wipes.  I mean..who needs toys when you have wipes!  Seriously, he loves to have a wipe in his hand and he will just carry it around with him….and when he gets tired of it….he has a shredding party!!  I LOVE wipe confetti all over my floor!!  I also heard a new word today when I was wrestling him to change his diapers and I told him to “stop” wiggling….he told me back….”top”. Too funny.


And Maddox got some cooking lessons today.  He wanted chicken nuggets for breakfast.  I usually cannot get the boy to eat anything for breakfast so I was just excited that he wanted food that wasn’t junk (kinda)! ha!  He also wanted to make them himself so he took Microwave 101 and then later for lunch he practiced his new skills a little more by cooking his Kid Cuisine Pizza!!  He loved getting to do it….oh the little things!!

Hope yall are having a great week!!  Be Blessed!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Come On and Ride That Monster and Fire Truck!!!!

I am really starting to slack on my Blog …once a week has been the going record lately.  I have so many ideas pop into my head during the week on things I want to blog about but I never write them down or take time the time to write them…I want to do better!!

First off…Life according to Instagram…in random order!!


Maddox showing his farmer’s tan!!

Saturday night we took the boys to the Tractor Pull!!!  I felt like a true BOY MOM and I loved it!!!


So while we were watching the tractor pull…in the distance we saw a Big Monster Truck!!  Of course Maddox got excited but I felt the kid in me getting pretty excited too.  It was out in a field of dirt doing donuts when all of a sudden we realized…PEOPLE WERE ON IT!!  I said to Chris, “That couldn’t be to safe!  What if it flips over!” . So during intermission I went and found where you sign up for this adventure and the next thing I know…2 of my boys are taking a ride themselves!!! (Safety First)  Maddox’s dream come true!!


Look at that face…that is the look of Monster Truck Heaven!!


I spy Maddox!!


Out is the field doing the donuts!!


That is one happy boy!!  We had such a fun evening!!

Sunday was Zaynes 3rd Birthday Party and the Lincolnton Fire Department!!




The cute birthday boy!!! Zayne!!


Me and Ryder got to ride in the back and Chris and Maddox got to ride in the front!!!  Maddox even got to where the headphones and listen to the fireman talking!!


We have about 20 pics of this right here..and out of the 20..neither of them are looking at the same time!!  It cracks me up how Maddox was holding on to brother!!


The fireman showing the boys how to turn the lights and the siren on!!


Can you tell he hogged this little vehilcle!!

Sunday evening our sweet church friends Melissa and Jordan had us over for supper!!  We had a super yummy meal, the boys (men included) had a fun time playing t- ball in the street and a great time hanging out!!


Melissa and Jordan’s neighbor taking the boys for a ride in the wagon!!


Nothing like a freeze pop on a hot muggy NC evening!!


Harrison is just one of the most precious little boys I know!!  He had a surgery at the end of May and he is doing so good!! Melissa posted a video of him saying his abc’s the other day and It was just amazing!! It gave me goose bumps!!  The dr’s had said when he was a baby that he would probably never talk and 4 years later…he is talking and is getting closer and closer to being able to have his trach removed!! God is Great!!


Harrison wanted to hold Ryder!! So sweet!!


Ryder giving Harrison a bye kiss!!! Precious Boys!!

Thank you God for another great weekend spent making memories with my family and friends!!