Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scooby Doo and Chris’s Birthday!

Wow…I never intended to take a month off from blogging.  For some reason it is getting harder and harder to keep up this little space of mine. But…unlike other times that I have been lacking in post….this time I have a better plan to help myself stay more current.  It is important to me to record as much of my kids growing up as I can.  This is the only scrapbook I’ve got going right now….and I am missing out on recording way to much!!

We have had a laid back weekend!  We celebrated my sweet Hubby’s 37th Birthday yesterday!!  It was rainy here most of the day so it made us super lazy  so we just relaxed.  Chris enjoyed many naps!  Hey….when it’s your birthday…you have the right to take all the naps you want to!!

Today was Suzy Sunday at our church.  A very special lady in my church is battling ALS.  She was able to attend service this morning and to show our support the congregation all wore black and green.  They actually sold special t-shirts but they sold out so fast we didn’t get ours in time…so we just went with the colors.  It was an awesome service!  Pastor Mike taught on Faith and how to stay strong when our prayers don’t always get answered when and the way we want them to….and when we need healing….our Faith needs to stay strong no matter what we are seeing in the carnal….we can’t go into “faith fail”.  That is when the enemy can come in and steal our HOPE!  It was a great word…right in season!  My faith that Mrs. Suzy will and can be healed of ALS is strong and firm…no wavering!! Our GOD IS ABLE!!!


My boys have gone into a Scooby Doo craze!!!  Ryder stays dressed in the costume most of the time when we are home.  We are currently watching back to back episodes on DVD as I type this now…and last night at Hobby Lobby…the boys left with their very own Scooby Doo….Beany Baby!!! lol!!  That they wanted to use their own money to buy!  Oh…and also they fight over the Scooby Doo monster truck that was found at Target last week.  I so wish they would have had two!!  I love these little phases that they go thru!!


I know I’m skipping around on our weekend but here are some pics from Chris’s birthday.  We met up with our special friends Keleigh, Chase and Elynd at Texas Roadhouse.


I love how these 3 play together so well!!  I’m pretty sure if Elynd doesn’t marry one of my boys she is going to have 2 VERY protective “brothers” looking out for her. 


My handsome hubby!  He just keeps getting hotter with age!!!  I am so thankful for him! His 36th year has been super hard so I am praying that 37 is a wonderful year for him…..he deserves it.


I love that in these couple pictures we have kids that the kids in the picture both look like they are at the point of meltdown!  Lol!  Ryder’s head is on the table and sweet Elynd who loves to get her pic taken was over it!!