Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

What a fun day!!

The boys were still a little puny from the stomach bug but it didn't stop them from soaking in all the fun toys Santa brought them.

They slept until 9:30!!

Ninja turtles for the win!
The boys are not much into Legos yet but they are getting there.


Last year Santa brought Maddox the Football Guys and he has played with it all year long. So this year he got the Baseball Guys.
Sweet little face!

He is Paw Patrol Crazy!!

I think the Bruder CAT machine will be played with the most this Summer.

When you're really do get excited over the small things....

Like a Ninja Turtle Toothbrush!

More Paw Patrol

And this little guy is obsessed with Band-Aid's! He got 2 boxes....I told him he needs to make them last because he won't get anymore until next Christmas if Santa brings him some. He uses 2-3 a day on his make believe boo boos.

Yay! new undies!!

Gamecocks Chocolate!!


The second box of band-aids

Pause button please!

Magical morning!

Ryder in costume!
Opening gifts from us.....
One of his most requested presents!!

It was on the top of his list too!

This was also another most requested item. The girl dog from Paw Patrol....he has not put her down much since he got her.
Is it Halloween or Christmas? Happy Boys

The gator...Maddox is about too big for it but we will squeeze another year or two in! I'm not ready for him to have a real 4 wheeler just yet.

Maddox and Ryder also got Chris and I some fun things!! Who knew a 3 and 5 year old could have such great taste at picking out gifts!!

I'm a little late on the North Face trend but I hear they are really warm and thats what I am going for so I am so excited to get one.

He was so excited to get this MK watch!! Love it!
Somehow I missed getting a pic of Mawmaw Jean who came to visit us. I fixed a Livermush Breakfast Casserole, and Cinnamon Roll Casserole and she joined us for breakfast. We lover her visits on Christmas morning!
We got the boys the Snoopy Snow Cone maker so we had to try it out!! I love toys that are still around from when i was a kid!!

Nana and Papaw hooked them up with Panther's sleeping bags....they love them!!

Our tree this year!
The boys playroom tree. This year it was decorated with a hodge podge of ornaments. It quickly became one of my favorite trees. It is starting to fill up with all their homemade ornaments from school.

and ornaments that represent them!

Planes Fire and Rescue Air Track.
This really turned out to be a neat toy.

We ended up staying home all day. We didn't want to go to our extended family get together and chance spreading the stomach bug germ to the rest of the family. So we finished out the night with some Connect Four!

It was a great day and I loved spending it with my people. These are the best days! Thank you God for blessing us!



Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014!!

Christmas Eve!! The most magical day of the year! Especially with kids!
It was also one of the busiest days of the year!
I only had about 500 20 things to do that day.
But all works out to get things done.
Midday we made cookies for Santa.
The boys did a fantastic job decorating them!!
Around 4:30 my family starts arriving! Im usually still getting myself or the boys ready.
The stomach bug decided to hit Ryder and he started throwing up after that made our day a little crazier. He was sleeping when everyone arrived.

Maddox learning how to be cool from his freshly turned 16 year old cousin!

That is one cute and sweet hubby of mine!
Stella could not be any more PRECIOUS!!
Kevin bringing in our steaks and chicken!!
Ryder is up and still not feeling well. He ate 2 bites of bread and laid on Chris's shoulder after that.
Our spread!!
What a cute reindeer!
Im glad I got this family pic. Usually I take lots of pictures of each individual family but with Ryder being sick...I just didn't have it in me this year. Immediately after this....Chris took Ryder upstairs and put his pj's on and they stayed home while the rest of us went to communion at Mawmaw's church.
When it was time for presents....he felt well enough to come back downstairs to open his. I
And at about this time...Maddox is starting to get sick.
Stella was too hot in her outfit! It's nice being a toddler....just take it off!
our gift to Tori....I'm hoping she'll let me borrow it! hehe!

Paw Patrol Chase is in the house!!!

And Marshall

I think opening gifts helped him to feel better.
Mawmaw opening her gifts!
Love this little neice of mine....she's growing up way too fast!
Poor Maddox....he does not handle being sick well.
Ryder stayed up for me to read Twas the Night Before Christmas and to throw out reindeer food but Maddox was already asleep from not feeling well.
Santa came!!

Despite the sickness....we had a very special and blessed Christmas Eve. I have an amazing family and I love getting to spend time with each and every one of them!!

I am so thankful for Christmas and the reason we celebrate. God truly sent us the best gift we could ever have!