Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Is Our Temporary Home

Gerald Carrigan Sr….Chris’s Dad…..a great man.



Friday night felt like a bad dream.  It was the unthinkable.  Watching my husband having to say his goodbyes to his Dad and watching my MIL having to say her goodbyes to her husband of 47 years.  My heart was breaking as we stood in that ICU room and I felt completely numb…is this really happening?  I can’t even imagine what Chris was going thru, I could not let my thoughts even begin to think…”what if this was my Mom or Dad?”

He had been in the hospital for a little over 3 weeks and they literally found out what was causing his condition on Friday morning and by Friday night the ugly cancer had already taken his life. 

I know the next few days, weeks and months will be tough ones as we try to find a new normal without him. We will miss him dearly, but we know we will see him again one day!

Thank you God for giving us strength through this difficult time.  We know that you are carrying Chris and comforting him. Be with Brenda as she grieves the loss of her husband, wrap your arms around her.  Your peace passes all understanding. We rejoice for Gerald and though we miss him, we know he is healed and is in a much better place.  Lord, we give you all the praise glory and honor in everything you do. Amen


We love you Papaw Gerald!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 4….Bahamas

-We ported in Nassau around 12 Noon.  Even though Nassau is not my favorite port of call, I still like doing something new there each time I go.  Our group was together getting off the ship but we were all headed our separate ways.602604

I took a ton of pictures when we got off the ship of everyone only to find out that my camera settings were not right.  I was so bummed…I salvaged a few but most need professional editing help…more than picasa has to offer.



Mother Daughter Love!!


Heart 2 Heart!!  The best southern gospel group I know!!!


The girls!!

Once we were off the ship we decided to parasail!!! Me and Kim parasailed in Cozumel about 5 years ago and it was an amazing experience….so I was so excited to experience it again!!


Getting strapped up!!


Keleigh had never parasailed before!!


Here we go!!


Up Up and Away!!!


We were so high up that the boat looked like a lego in the water!!


Flying High over the beautiful Caribbean water!!  I think we see to the bottom of the ocean…Oh wait…that’s just our shadow!! Love you Keleigh!!!


Here comes our “fun dip”!  I held my legs up so I wouldn’t get wet!


I was a bad friend and dared the boat driver to dip them more than what he dipped us….so they got a lot little wet! ooops!

We were all supposed to get to go up together but they said the winds were not right to send all 3 of us up….so we let Keleigh go up twice.


They are sitting on me to try and get me wet!!!  I deserve it!


The boys just spectated in the boat.  They were offered numerous times by the drivers to go up at a discount but they all refused.  I think they were a little bit chicken!!


We did it!!! So much fun!!!


After parasailing Brennan treated us all to a yummy lunch at Café Sanz….if your ever in Nassau…you must eat there…so good!! Then we did a little shopping.  We saw these shoes in the window of a store and I told Keleigh she had to try them on…so she did!!!  Those shoes were nuts!!  I would break my ankle just trying them on!!


I got  a second chance at some of the pictures in front of the boat on our way back in!



Love this man with all my heart!!


Chris ordered some room service….just because!!!


Ready for dinner!!!


This group decided to take a night off from dressing up and just ate in the casual dining room.


Me and Keleigh are always little joiners so we got into the Congo line and danced around the dining room with all the waiters to “hot hot hot”.


After dinner we waited out on the deck to do some more people watching at the deck party!!


We did some crazy line dances.


And called it a pretty early night!!!

Another memorable day of cruising!!!