Monday, June 24, 2013

More “Monster Truck Splash” Party!!

One great thing about having a birthday in June is that you can have an outdoor party….so there are so many more options.  The down side of a June birthday is half of your friends are at the beach or out of town.  That was the case big time this year…half of the boys friends/my friends were out of town.  Maybe I should have a party in September next year!

But we were so excited to have all the ones in town that came to celebrate!! Cute kid overload…getting ready to happen!

There are a few detail pictures mixed in…..that I pulled from Laura’s camera.


The boys arriving!!  I know their shirts don’t match but I didn’t want to have to change them once they were there.


Carys and Campbell…Maddox’s preschool friends!


Opening gifts.


Cute Hudson!!


I think Ryder really enjoyed his cupcake!!!


Cutie pie Elynd!!


Elynd and Kinslee


Aunt Jean


Maddox and his best buddy Jacob!


I LOVE this pic!!  Sweet buddies!!


Little Laura…she enjoyed her cupcake too!


Ryder going in for some food!!


Bonnie, Liam and Kali….our play date buddies and such a sweet family!




Cousin Harrison


Cousin Willow


He’s been doing this tongue thing a lot lately!!


Cousin Laura


Preschool friend Carys


Future wife….Elynd


Cousin Cadence


Aunt La La and Uncle Nate


Chris and his childhood friend Shaun




Neighbor Breanna…such a sweet pic


Mommy’s Boy!


Aunt Jay Jay


Tori Bug


Chris’s Aunt and Uncle…. Doug and Selena


Chris’s cousin Jessica


Campbell and her Mom Tammy


Caine,Nate, LaLa, Amber and Hudson




Mom and Jackie


Cousin Tiffany and Joy


This pic makes me laugh…I have no idea what he’s doing!


Liam pushing his dump truck!


Chris, Chase and Shaun


Singing Happy Birthday!


Attempt at a family pic!


Isaac and his Mom Mindy


Ryder and his favorite girl buddies!


Ryder photo bombing!


My neighbor Jackie


Sweet Tori!! She is growing up so fast!!  I love her new fresh smile with no braces!!




The boys were so excited when they got home to play with their new toys!!


Chris did a lot of putting together!

We had such a fun time!  This whole past week has been so fun celebrating the boys birthday…I look forward to this time of year…June is probably my favorite month!!  Two sweet boys being born in June creates a lot of fond memories!

So Thankful!!!  I LOVE my boys!!!