Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Family Fun Day!!!

Last Sunday we headed out bright and early for a family fun day in Columbia!!! First stop ...Riverbanks Zoo!!!

My super cute company for the day!!

We ended up going into the Botanical Garden side of the Zoo... And though it took us a lot longer to get to the animals... It was such a blessing. It was a picture perfect morning so the beauty of the gardens felt like a bonus for the day!!
Lots of photo ops!!
Another bonus we got to take the tram to the Zoo!!
The lions and tigers!!
One of my personal favorites... The penguins!!!
Not my favorite.... A huge anaconda!!!!! Yikes!!!!
I am one blessed Moma!!!!


Turtle Ridin
Halfway through... Ryder decides to take the lead with the map! It was too cute!!! Half the time it was upside down but he was leading us with confidence like a boss!
The giraffes were Ryder's favorite!!!! He just happened to have a big green leaf in his hand and the giraffe sought him out and snatched it right out of his hand. It was too funny!!
Do you spy the ostrich?
Best days ever!!!
Brotherly Love!!!

Maddox decided when it was time to leave he had had enough of Ryder being in charge so he took the lead!!!

Family selfie on the way out!!
Next stop.... SC Baseball game!
The boys loved the playground!!!

Cotton Candy Treat!!!

Ryder was so excited to meet Cocky!!! He has a Cocky Pillow Pet that he sleeps with every night.



This day was just loaded with fun and the best family time!!!! Nothing like making memories with my favorite people!!!