Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ryder’s 12 Month Update!!

I got all wrapped up in posting all about the birthday party that I never did Ryder’s 12 month update.  So he is now 1 year and almost 2 weeks!!

So Ryder, what are you up to???


You are such a sweet sweet baby!!  You are still a Mommy’s boy and I am eating it up!!  You need to start showing Daddy more love b/c I think his feelings are starting to get hurt!!

You wear 12-18 clothes, size 4 diaper and size 4 and 5 shoe!

You are now completely weaned off your formula and doing better everyday with drinking whole milk!  You drink water very well and I’m trying to keep you liking it by not giving you juice.  You LOVE blueberries, you eat them faster than we can cut them in half!!

025 (2)051

You do a lot of jabbering but no new words.  I think I’ve been hearing mamama some, but no consistency of it yet.  The only words you say is still…”aw done” (all done)


I had to take these pics about a week before you turned 1 so that I could develop one for your monthly banner. In the pic above I noticed you can’t see your new toofys!!  You FINALLY started getting your top teeth.  Your right one cut thru a couple weeks ago and the left one recently cut thru!!  It makes us feel better about giving you certain foods knowing you got some extra chompers!!


We had your pictures taken on June 2nd.  What better backdrop than the Lincolnton Football Stadium!!


You can not walk yet…you are taking you own sweet time and that is perfectly fine with me!!  You are into absolutely everything…I compare you to tazmanian devil b/c when you leave a room, that’s what it looks like!!



You just had your 1 year well visit yesterday!!  You weigh 22.10 lbs (46 percentile) and are 30 3/4 in long (78 percentile). Looks like you are going to be long and lean!!


You get tortured by big brother but you handle it so well.  He sometimes hurts you and makes you cry but mostly you just take what he dishes out like a tough little boy.  We tell Maddox to watch out b/c you will get him back for all that he does to you!!  You already have been trying to pull his hair in the bath tub!!  I know you two will have your brotherly fights but my prayer is that you will be best of friends…your entire life!!


When we say kissy lips…you know what to do!!! So funny!!!


The Dr. said you are a super healthy little boy and for that we are just so thankful!!  There is one thing that your Mommy knows and that is…If you have great health…you are beyond blessed!!

We love you to pieces and you have made our family complete! We thank God for you!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 1 and 2 Commenting Challenge!!

I am linking up with Jenna’s Journey for her 3rd Annual Commenting Challenge!!

I did this last year and found some great new blogs to follow!! 

For all the new visitors….welcome to Little Carrigans!!!  I am Kim and I am a true Southern girl…you should hear my accent!!  I live in NC with my husband Chris who I have been married to almost 13 years and I am a Mom of 2 boys…Maddox is 3 and Ryder is 1!!  They are 2 days shy of being 2 years apart and we just recently celebrated their birthdays!!! You can check out their Construction Bash here!! They have my heart… I adore them and love being a Boy Mom!!!

I am a hairstylist!!!  I love my job!!  I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to be a SAHM!!  I am very thankful that I set my own schedule so I take 2 days off during the week and the other 3 days I pull about a 12 hour day!!  Those days are tough b/c I don’t get to see my boys much but I think it just makes the time I do have with them that much sweeter!!  I just recently stopped working on Saturdays and that has made a HUGE difference!!  We can actually spend the day as a family and I love it!!

I LOVE to blog and I LOVE reading blogs!!!  I think it would be safe to say blogging has turned into a hobby!   I started my blog when I found out I was pregnant with Maddox but I did not post regularly. (like twice!!)  When Maddox was 6 months old I was inspired by a friend who had started a blog.  I was doing her hair while we talked about it and that night when I got home, I pulled up my blog, dusted it off, and have been hooked every since!!   I use the pictures that I take throughout the day or week to inspire each post!  I’m not a great writer but blogging has definitely helped me.  I use this blog to capture our life…. our day to day and the boys milestones.  This is our family scrapbook and I want to have it published into books one day… have you done this??? Any recommendations on what site to use??

Thanks again for stopping by!!! Please feel free to send me any questions!!

Oh yeah…and last but not least…I am a child of the KING!!! I love my lord and savior and I love to share how he works in our life!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Play Date at the Splash Park!!

I am so excited that Lincolnton has a splash park now.  It is at the YMCA and you have to be a member to use it or you can go with a member up to 3 times.  Andrea is a member so we were her guests!!  I think it would be worth joining the Y in the summer months just to get to use the splash park!!  The boys loved it and so did us Mommys!!006008

Slowly but surely Taylor and Ryder are starting to play together and notice each other!! 


I had fun chasing Maddox around with the bucket of water and splashing him with it!!


Ryder just crawled around and toughened up his knees a little more!!


Sweet Taylor


Taylor playing with Ryder’s water shoe. The tops of Ryder’s feet are so raw from crawling around on anything and everything so I went and got him some water shoes hoping they would help protect his feet….but… he wouldn’t leave them on!!  He hates wearing shoes…and hats…he’s just not an accessory boy.  I guess I ruined him with the leg warmers!! ha!


Lately when I have been trying to get Maddox to smile for a picture…I tell him to show me his teeth.  It was working pretty well but now when I tell him to do that he smiles like this!!! (if you can call that a smile!!)  I LOVE that silly boy!!


Ryder is making his kissy lips!!

You would think all the sun and water would wear Ryder out so that he would take a good nap when he got home…but not.  Ryder likes to take power naps.  So he fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and was wide awake 20 minutes later when we got home and WOULD NOT go back to sleep. But yet my 3 year old took a 2.5 hour nap…go figure!!

Another great day with my boys and a special friend….life is good!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Come and take a ride on my Big Green Tractor!!

I have just thoroughly enjoyed having Saturdays off.  I can’t believe the difference it has made!!  I feel like I have so much more time with my boys and Chris…that was my goal!!!

Are you on instagram??  I may or may not be becoming addicted!!  Thanks to that app, I have pics to blog from our weekend!!

Saturday morning, we had some fun playtime!


I know I have tweeted before that I would LOVE to start a hair blog!!  I have been meaning to share how much I love this product for awhile now.  Redken Powder grip….this stuff is amazing!!  It gives some great volume at the roots!  I seriously don’t think I can fix my hair w/out it anymore!!  Maybe I should do a giveaway!!!  What do you think???


Saturday afternoon, me and the boys went to get ice cream and then went to Andrea’s house.   Chris was doing some plumbing work there so we brought him a cold treat and got to spend some fun time with Andrea, Taylor and Shep!!  Maddox had the time of his life…he got to drive the John Deere Tractor!!! To say he was in heaven is probably an understatement!!  Thanks Shep!!IMG_0289IMG_0292


Ryder got to ride too!!


We went on a trail ride thru the woods and fields on the golf cart!!  Notice the pics below we can’t get the boys to all look at the same time!!


I was excited to break out the boys July 4th clothes!!!  It is just around the corner!!!

This morning was church of course. I have still not taken Ryder to nursery….I know I need to just get over it and let him go…but I’m struggling with it.  The problem is…he is getting impossible to wrangle during church.  We thankfully have a cry room that I can take him to and still hear the message but it is still hard to pay attention even in there. 

Maddox playing with his girlfriend Elynd!!


I LOVE these girls!!!  Deana and Keleigh hold special places in my heart!!  Me and Keleigh were both sporting the side pony this morning….great minds think alike!!! ha!


Kendall and Ryder!!! They were born a couple days apart and now here they are….already 1!!! 

Tonight we watched the Gamecocks play in the CWS Championship game…not happy about the loss but we’ve still got tomorrow night!!! Go Gamecocks!!!