Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pumpkin Patch Fun!!

Sunday after church we decided to take the boys to another pumpkin patch!!  I truly LOVE making memories like this with my family! 

Maddox has become the master of sliding boards…he has become so brave going down them…big or small…fast or slow…with Mommy or w/out…he has mastered them.


I particulary like that he likes his Mommy to go down with him the first time.


How cute is this sign!


He’s ready to ride solo now!


King of the hay!…or straw…not real sure


I’m pretty sure he is saying “I numba one”.  we are trying to instill him with confidence! ha!


This just hilarious to me!  I’m surprised Maddox did it!!


He broke his TOMS in good…they were filthy by the time we left…oh well..boys are suppose to have dirty shoes!!


After our pretend tractor rides…off to another slide we go!!


First time with Mommy, the next 50…no help needed.tear.


Since Maddox didn’t need me…I found someone who did!!


We finally had to just walk off and pretend we were leaving him at the slide to get him to move on to all the rest of the activities the pumpkin patch had to offer.


Chris had to go back to the car to get money for the tractor ride.  I tried to snap these pics before he got back.  I just couldn’t get both of them looking at the camera and smiling.  I’m not convinced it is possible.  at least not with a one woman amateur photographer. who was down on the ground with her butt up in the air praying her crack wasn’t shining!! ha!


Tractor ride time!!  It was so cute…there was this little old lady who drove the tractor and gave some info of the farm…and then when she was done the tractor had speakers rigged up to it that sounded out cute little kids songs…but they were all about a John Deere tractor!


The tractor dropped us off at the playground area.  Once Maddox laid eyes on the dump truck sand box…there was no looking back!!


While Chris and Maddox played…I took Ryder over to the very small pumpkins that were left and took his pictures…also hoping my crack wasn’t shining.  Note to self…wear a LONG shirt next time!!185188


I think this little dude is teething…the fingers stay in his mouth!


And another slide. Mommy didn’t fit on this one!


Our last attempt to get a picture.  Notice at this point we have lost a shoe, we were bribing Maddox to smile and this is the best one (if you want to call that a smile) and Ryder who hardly ever fusses was DONE…Naps, Food and Bottles was all that could help this situation!


A sweet lady offered to take a family picture.  I in return took a picture of her and her 2 kids…she said her husband is in China.  I didn’t ask the details but whatever the reason…I’m sure they miss him and wished he was there with them.  It made me even more thankful to have my hubby with me. 

Fun times. I cherish.