Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ryder’s First Photo Shoot!!

On Saturday, Me and Laura took LOTS of pics of little man.  I haven’t had time to edit mine but Laura has.  She did an awesome job!!!! She can add another talent to her list!!!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our first week as a family of 4!! June 2oth–June 24th

I absolutely can not believe that Ryder is already 11 days old!!!  Not only have we had a full week with him here but almost 2 full weeks.  I really would like to pause time now.  I am just loving having a newborn baby in the house….there is just nothing like it!!! 

We are all adjusting well.  Maddox has done really good the last few days.  He hasn’t been bad…he has just been acting out of character at times and being a little more testy.  Overall, I am very proud of him and how he has accepted his baby brother into our family!  As for me, I am learning how to balance out my day so that I am giving them both the attention they need.  My heart truly is just running over with love for my family.  I am so excited to be at home with my boys all day and I love spending time with my hubby every evening.  I know come September it will be super hard to go back to work but I am just going to live in the moment of being a stay at home mom this summer!!

Ryder on Monday!!


I could just eat him up!!!


Becky and Randall came over to meet little Ryder on Monday evening!!

On Tuesday, he had a well visit and his circumcision at the pediatrician.  He weighed 6 lb and 12 oz and they measured him at 19.5 in long.  The hospital measured him 20 in.  I’m sure he hasn’t shrunk. ha!





Tuesday evening Mawmaw came over for a visit and brought us a yummy supper!!  She fixed us chicken, fresh green beans, Cheesy mashed potatoes, biscuits and blackberry cobbler!!!   It was soooo good!!  There is nothing like my Mawmaw’s cooking!!

Wednesday was Chris’s last day of getting to stay home with me.  I miss him being at home but I know somebody’s gotta work! ha!  Chris was extra helpful in keeping Maddox busy and looking after him.


Chris put him to work washing his truck!!!


Since Wednesday was the last day I was going to have Chris at home to help with the boys…he let me go have some Mommy time!!  I had some Kohl’s cash that needed to be spent and a few other places I was wanting to go so I had a few hours of shopping!!!  I enjoyed my time but it was hard leaving this precious sight!!


My sweet friend Holly and her precious kids brought us supper that evening. It was soooo good too!  All this good food is not helping get this baby weight off but I’m still going to enjoy it.  As everyone knows….cooking is not my forte so soon enough we will be back to sandwiches and cereal for supper!! ha!

On Thursday, our neighbors took Maddox to Monkey Joes and Dunkin Doughnuts.  He loves being with Jordan and Breanna…after I put him in their car, I was giving him a little pep talk about making sure he listened to Jackie and the kids and was telling him to have fun and I loved him.  The next thing I know he pushed me away with his hand and said “bye bye”!  Oh my goodness, I wanted to cry…how quickly they start becoming so independent.


Thursday evening our Pastor, his wife Jocelyn and their cute little baby boy Brayden brought us supper…..lasagna and salad…it was yummy!009

Brayden and Maddox playing with the football and Boom Ball!!  It’s hard to believe they are only 1 year and 3 months apart.  Don’t blink Jocelyn…Brayden will be the size of Maddox before you know it!


Brayden on Lightning McQueen!!




Precious newborn feet!!




Here is how Maddox decided to play with his water table.  He turned it into a pool!!  We ended up going and buying him a kiddie pool since he wanted to sit in his water table!!! ha!


He also likes to drink the water!


While Maddox played…Ryder snoozed!!


Friday evening…we loaded up and rode with Chris to Huntersville to get his work truck.  Ryder loves to ride…we didn’t hear a peep out of him….Maddox talked our heads off!!  After we got home Ryder got his first real sponge bath!!


Maddox loves his bubble baths!!


So sweet!!!


He is all clean and ready for bed!!!

What a wonderful first full week we had!!!  Ryder is just so easy right now.  I pray that he stays this way!  He wakes up about once or twice a night for a bottle and then he is right back to sleep!!  He is already taking 3oz of formula about every 3 hours.  He sucks his bottles dry!!  I am just so thankful for this new little life that God has blessed us with!  I am in pure BABY BLISS!!!

Up next…his first photo shoot!!!