Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentines Weekend 2015

I didn't plan or work on the boys Valentines cards until the night before they were due at preschool and at school. So thanks to Pinterest and two cute boys who put up with me trying to get a fitting picture of them....we got it done!!

Maddox had an Upwards Basketball game that morning and unfortunately we got the time mixed up so we killed some time at the salon while we waited. We went ahead and gave them their Valentines goodys while we were there.
Two of my Three Valentines
Ryder must have been tired he knocked out and slept the whole basketball game.

After the game....the boys and I hung out at home a few hours and then joined Chris at West Lincoln for the HS wrestling regional tournament finals. When we got home we decorated the cookie and ate most of it up!!

Since the tournament fell on Valentines Day....Chris made arrangements for us to have a date night on Sunday. We went to Mickey and Mooch. It had been years since we had been. We use to go almost every Anniversary but for the last 7-8 years we had not gone. I missed it. The food was amazing. I'm not a foodie but with food like this i could very well become one!!

Salmon and Filet!!

It was a great weekend and I just feel super blessed to have 3 amazing Valentines in my life!!