Sunday, January 27, 2013

When It Rains It Pours

The last 2 weeks have been hard ones.  They have especially been hard on my sweet husband.  If you read this and don’t mind…please keep him and his family in your prayers.

About a month ago, his Dad fell while carp fishing and injured his back. His pain was so bad and it felt like the pain he had when his kidney stone moved…so he thought maybe the jar from the fall knocked his stone loose…so he went to the urologist.  They told him he was just badly bruised.  So a couple weeks later he was still no better.  He went to his regular Dr and they did more x-rays.  They discovered he had a fractured spinal lumbar.  Right after this news, Chris’ grandmother passed away….she was 2 weeks shy of being 97!!  This was his Mom’s Mother.  The funeral was on Thursday January 17th.  On Sunday January 20th, his Mom went into the hospital.  She suffers from COPD and couldn’t breathe.  While his Mom was in the hospital, his Dad found out he has a mass in his lung.  On Thursday he got a call from his Dr and told him to go straight to the hospital…his lab work had came back and his blood platelets were at an emergency low.  He really needs the back surgery to get relief from the pain he is in and he needs a biopsy of the mass in his lung….but they can do nothing for him at the time b/c his platelets are so low.  He is getting his second transfusion today so we are praying that they will stay up this time.  His Mom got released from the hospital yesterday and is now resting at home.  I know it has to be so hard on her to not be able to be by his side at the hospital.

So, Chris and his Mom and Dad are going thru a lot right now.  I ask that you will keep them in your prayers.

“We know who goes before us, we know who stands behind, the God of Angel Armies….is always by our side.”

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Boys!!

Maddox you are now 3.5 years old! 

You are a sweet boy!  You are getting better everyday about playing and being kind to Ryder.  You are a great big brother!!  I know you will always look out for Ryder and I know he will always look up to you!

You are very smart and you love going to school!  You are currently learning to write your letters, learning to sound them out and you are working on your coloring skills of trying to stay in the lines!  Your imagination is HUGE!! You have no problem sitting in the floor and playing with all your trucks and equipment and you are just talking away while you are playing!  In your own little world.  We hear you say Unc Kev a lot….too cute!


You know all the different makes of tractors and can identify them by color.  Your favorite song is Jason Aldean’s Big Green Tractor.  You sing it several times a day! 



You love riding your new tractor, even when it is super cold outside!! You still sleep with your pappy and blanky and Mommy is OK with that b/c I’m not ready for you to give them up yet either. 

You love to lay in bed with us at night to wind down….you have to have your pappy, blanky, chocolate milk and a piece of cheese and you currently love watching Super Why and Sid the Science Kid.  You also like to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Club House, and Duck Dynasty!


You shock us everyday with how much you know….you say the cutest things!  You are becoming more and more independent and it does make it a little easier but I also want to cry wondering where that flash of time went that you were a baby and toddler.  You have a sweet heart and I look forward to seeing all the GREAT plans God has for you!

Ryder…oh Ryder….where do I even start with you? 

You will be 19 months on January 16th!  You are a little ham! You are sweet and cuddly yet independent and PURE BOY!!

You think its funny to hit!  But you always follow up with the sweetest hug b/c you know hitting is wrong.

I’m pretty sure all the dents and scratches in our new floors are from you. Instead of throwing balls like Maddox did at your age…you like to throw trucks!!

You are starting to stand your ground with Big Brother!!


You love playing outside!


You are a Mommy’s Boy!! You melt my heart!

You are shy to people at first but you quickly warm up to them.


You mainly love everything that Maddox loves right now!  You kinda skipped all the baby toys and moved right on to trucks and tractors! 

You love to use the sock em boppers!


You sleep thru most of the nights. You currently have been going to bed around 10 and get up at 8.


You love to put on hats of any kind!!! And you are obsessed with putting on shoes!


You have 12 teeth…8 completely in and 4 molars are half way in at this time.

You eat good sometimes and sometimes not.  I would say your favorite food is pasta!


And I have to be completely honest….you are in a bad stage of picking your nose!


You now love to be read to.  Your favorite books are the picture books that you point to what we ask you. 


You also love airplanes right now…and looking at pictures of them!


Your nickname around here is Denise…aka Denise the Menace!  That face is full of mischievousness.

You are a climber!!! Whatever you can climb and stand up on…you do!

You are already learning to use the iphone.  Your favorite app is the Talking Tom Cat! 


You are a mess and keep us laughing.  Me and Daddy are constantly looking at each other and shaking our heads!!


At times, I think you have already hit the terrible twos.  You have learned how to throw a fit!


But, you usually get over it really fast and your right back to your fun little self!!

We have the sweetest, smartest, cutest, most precious boys ever!!

Everywhere we go strangers tell us how handsome you boys are!!  You already make us so proud!!

We Love You Forever….We Like You For Always…As Long As We Are Living…Our Babies You’ll Be!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our weekend of Friends!!

The day after Christmas our neighbors came over to exchange gifts!!  We are so blessed to have great neighbors!!  They are the kind of neighbors you can call in the middle of the night when your husband is at work and the security alarm just went off and you are scared out of your mind and don’t know what to do….they are those kind of neighbors.  The ones that will come over immediately and search your house over and not leave until everything is for sure ok.  We are thankful to live beside of the Carlson’s!


Jordan and Caleb


Sweet Breanna


On Saturday after Christmas we got together with the Ratliff’s!!  Always a fun time catching up with them!!  Sweet Elynd and the boys had a ball playing!!


Elynd loves Sesame Street!!


Maddox in Chase’s hat!  Even cute Maddox looks a little dorky in that hat!  Can’t wait for that style to pass…I don’t think any guy looks good in a flat bill hat!!


This Christmas bag was one tough bag!!  It did not tear up very easily!! The kids played in it for awhile before it finally tore!!


Who knew a bag could be so much fun??


All 3 kiddos in the bag!!!

On Sunday evening…we had the pleasure of spending time with The Eurey’s!  We use to be with them every weekend before we had kids!  They will forever be our buddies!!  I cooked chicken pie, cheesy ranch potatoes, mac n cheese, corn and crescent rolls….gasp…yes I cooked!!  It was yummy!  After supper we got to play some spades just like old times!! Krista and I won!! Girl Power!!



Cute Elan and her beautiful hair!!


Elan taking Ryder for a ride!!


Maddox and Beckham had a fun time wrestling and boxing with the sockem boppers!!  We sure have got our moneys worth out of those things!!


Time to open gifts!!



While we played cards the little ones watched polar express and ate cookies!!

On New Years Eve…The Carlsons and Chris and Jennifer our neighbors across the street came over to eat and play games.


Ryder getting a NYE kiss from Kinsley!  Oh lord help me!!  Kinsley is Maddox’s age and was trying to be a little Momma to Ryder.


I told Maddox to smile and he broke out into this pose!!


We played Guesstures and Taboo!  Maddox made it until midnight but little Ryder didn’t!!

We had a super fun weekend having friends and neighbors over and I’m pretty sure I crashed on NY Day!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Highlights!!

I would sum up 2012 for me as a year of rest and healing!!  I have a new perspective on life and I feel 2012 reflected it!!  The little things in life are the greatest things in life and we should never take them for granted.  We should value everyday as a special gift and when we get upset about things…ask ourselves the question….”Does this really matter?”….”Is it worth wasting precious time being mad or upset?”  I found myself asking these questions a lot and I can truly say…they make you stop and think about what is important and can quickly change the direction of your day.  Now I’m human so I can’t say everyday was bubbly and rosy but for the most part, I was Happy Happy Happy!!

Aside from all the get togethers with my family and friends, holidays, birthday parties and just great days with my hubby and boys…here are some of the highlights from our year….in somewhat random order!!

In January we had the best time with great friends on our 5 night Bahamas Cruise!!


I had my stroke in November 2011 but I had my second scare in January 2012…I was last seen at Duke on November 5th 2012 and was told that my arteries were completely healed and showed no signs of the dissections.  I was able to come off the Coumadin and now I only have to take aspirin!  I am so thankful!  So glad I serve a God who heals!!

  • Maddox Potty Trained

By March Maddox was fully potty trained!! My advice to anyone getting ready or trying to potty train is….they will do it when they are ready and when Nana threatens to give a spanking the next time they poop in their pants!! lol!! Hey…whatever works..right?  Maddox quickly got a routine down when he went to the bathroom.  He has to have his lightning mcqueen seat, his pants and underwear completely off and he would have to have his tractor book!!  Not long after this picture he decided he only liked to poop in private so he will tell you to leave and shut the door!!! haha!! The kid is hilarious!!



  • Ryder started Walking in August….he crawled for 6 months before he started walking…Maddox crawled 6 weeks before he started walking!!


A perfect week except for the biting flies!!!


We got lots of use out of our season passes!! Thank You Nana!!  Maddox loved Carowinds and surprised me by riding everything he was tall enough for…plus some…wink wink!!  I’m excited for Ryder to be older this year and will be able to ride more!!


  • Maddox Played Tee Ball!!  His first time playing an organized sport!!  He did so well to be a fresh 3 year old….the league starts at 4 so he did really well to be the baby out there!!!  Mommy and Daddy were proud!!!  He starts Top Dog wrestling next week, can’t wait to see how that goes!!


We made it to 2 pumpkin patches this year!  The first one with Andrea, Shep and Taylor and the second one a play date with Amber and Hudson!!






  • Gamecocks Game Date Day! Chris and I rarely get Date nights so when we do…they are very special!  We had a whole date day on November 10th.  We went to the SC vs. AR game!! So much fun and loved spending time with my main squeeze!!


  • Ryder Talking

Ryder has been talking up a storm lately.  I feel really horrible that I dropped the ball on doing his monthly post!  He is repeating most words he hears us say and has even started putting 2 words together.  I feel he started talking over night.  I was actually wondering if he was ever going to start talking and now…I don’t have to wonder anymore!!

One of my favorite words to hear him say is “ae pane” (airplane)

My favorite phase he says is “happy happy happy”

  • Christmas

I just finished up the series of post from Christmas so I’m not going to post any pics.  The whole month of December was a highlight of 2012.  I loved everyday of it!!  Having kids and Christmas are just a fun and magical mix!!

While writing this post I keep thinking of more and more highlights…they are the little things…just like I said in the beginning.  The little things that my boys do that I don’t ever ever want to forget!  I loved revisiting 2012 and all the JOY that it brought to our life!!  So thankful to be blessed with such a great year!!! 

I pray 2013 only brings even greater blessings.

Praying for all of you to be super blessed in 2013!!!

God is Great!!!