Friday, March 30, 2012

They Chased Butterflies!!

I am way way behind on blogging so I’m going to back up a few weeks and try to catch up.  My blog is our family scrapbook and I really don’t want to leave anything out!

March 14th me and the boys met Holly and Cross at the park!


Cross is 5 but he is so sweet with Maddox and they play well together!!


I have to tell a funny story that happened…I heard another Mom yell at her son when they were all on the playground.  She yelled “Don’t be calling him names, he is younger than you”.  When I heard her say that…I didn’t realize that Maddox was the only young kid playing…then I heard the little boy run up to his Mom and say, “but Mom…he told me his name is pickle head!”  I quickly jumped into their conversation and said “what did he say?”  the mom said “he said he told him his name is pickle head”…I just died laughing and told her not to fuss at him that her son was telling the truth!  Chris calls Maddox pickle head all the time so Maddox thinks that is part of his name!!!  I called Chris laughing and told him he is going to have to stop calling him that..he almost got a kid in trouble! Ha!


They caught lady bugs and chased butterflies.  Life is good.


Ryder grazed on grass.


How cute is Mr. Cross…

This was such an awesome day spent outside with my boys, my sister at heart Holly and her sweet Cross. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Girls Night, Photography Class and a Play Date

Friday night I had a fun little girls night out!! I met up with Holly, Jane and Maddie and we had a yummy meal at Outback…oh how I love me some cheese fries!! Then we headed to the movies and saw October Baby.  I think it is a must see by all and I especially think that every Christian needs to go see it to support it! So that was 3 things I had not done in a long time…girls night, Outback and movies!  We had a great time!

Saturday I headed to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens to take my second photography class.  Me and Laura took this class together.  I was happy to get to spend some time with my Sissy and learn more about photography at the same time!!


Maddox and Ryder before church on Sunday!! It is impossible to get a picture of them both looking at the camera!!


After church we had a great time with The Ratliffs and The Kiser’s…we ate Bojangles chicken, sat around and chatted and laughed/played with all the kids!  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me to get any pics Sad smile

Today..has been a great day and I have not even had to leave the house!!  The weather was absolutely perfect!!  We stayed outside and played as much as we could.  We also had a fun little visit from this cute pie!!



Hudson and Ryder are 6 weeks apart.  His Mom Amber is such a fun person to chat with and we had tons of catching up to do!!  I have her to thank for my hobby of blogging!!!


Hudson has the baby legs that you just want to squeeze off….too cute!!


Amber and Hudson


It was overall a great weekend!  This little fellow has been a pistol though!  He has done more crying in the last few days than he has done his whole life!!  I’m not sure what is going on with him…maybe he is getting ready to cut more teeth?  Not sure but I sure hope he gets back to normal soon…. we are not use to all that fussiness!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and  perfect Monday!!  Be Blessed!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ryder is 9 Months!!!

Oh my dear word….I seriously can not believe my baby is 9 Months!!!

That means only 3 months away from ONE!!!!

I really feel like I was just pregnant yesterday.


So what are you up to Ryder???

You are doing lots of new things and have come a long way in the past month.

You finally cut your 2 bottom teeth…thank the good lord!  You’ve been chewing and slobbering like you were about to for the last 4 months!

You are pulling up on everything!

You still army crawl everywhere and you are really fast!!

You are fearless….nothing intimidates or scares you!


You are already into everything!!  You are keeping me on my toes!!


You are bumping up to 12 month and 12-18 month clothes.  I think you have had a little growth spurt the last month.

You are in a size 4 shoe

Size 3 diaper

I would guess you weigh about 22-23 lbs




You are a MOMMY’s BOY and I totally LOVE it!!!


You are still such a sweet sweet laid back baby!! 

Daddy says you are going to be a wrestler b/c you HATE being on your back and you are feisty!!


You eat stage 2 baby foods and I currently tried some stage 3.  You gaged a little on the spaghetti and meatball meal.

You are taking 4, 7oz bottles a day.

We give you a sippy cup with water but you don’t drink very much.

You are really getting into eating puffs!


You love your bath time with brother and splashing in the water!!


You have also moved up to the convertible car seat!

I sold your baby swing, excersaucer, all your newborn and 0-6 month clothes in a consignment sale this past weekend and it made me really sad to say goodbye to all those sweet items.


Ryder….you have our heart!  The world is and always will be a better place because you are in it.

We Love You….to the moon and back!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Birthday Weekend!!

Finally I have some time when I can sit down to blog without falling asleep…. about my birthday weekend! 

I would say it was a pretty perfect day!!  The number one thing that perfected my birthday was the fact that I am alive and well and here to celebrate my day!!  I will NEVER ever take a Birthday lightly.  It’s OK that I’m getting older..that’s just a part of life…most importantly is I AM HERE!!!  The health scares I have had in the past months have really opened my eyes to how precious each and every day is here with our loved ones.  I pray I NEVER take one day for granted.  God has kept his hand on me and I know that I am a miracle.  I also know that I have a Devine purpose and I desire for God to use me however he wants.

Now for more events of the day!  I started off my day with a pedicure!!  My feet were in some MAJOR need!!!  It was great!!

Maddox sang Happy Birthday to me all day!! It was so cute!!

maddox 001

When I got home..we loaded up the boys and took Ryder to the barber shop to let Papaw give him his first haircut! How special!!

maddox 037maddox 045maddox 0469maddox 059maddox 060maddox 081

After his cut…we headed to the mall and did a little spring shopping!

We didn’t have long at the mall b/c all my family and friends were meeting us at the House of Pizza for my birthday dinner!!  I was so excited to have all my close friends there to celebrate with me.  My family and these girls have just been rocks to me…especially over the last few months.  They are all so special!  Here are some ways they have ministered to me

  • calls and texts to let me know they are praying for me
  • speaking biblical wisdom into me at a time I needed reminded of all Gods promise’s for my life.
  • cleaning my house
  • monetary gifts
  • keeping my babys
  • visits to the hospital, brought goody baskets and meals
  • the list goes on and on!!

I am just so thankful and blessed.  I know I have said it a hundred time but my family and friends are just awesome!!

maddox 083maddox 084


maddox 086maddox 090

Check out Ryders new haircut….he was looking too cute!!!

maddox 091

Caine is growing up way too fast..he is looking more and more like a teenager!!

maddox 102

Jaydan, Tori and Taylor

maddox 104

Holly…one of the most precious precious girls I have ever known!!  She has a heart of gold and is such a positive person.  Not to mention she is beautiful!!  We are heart sisters!

maddox 098

maddox 108

It’s Baby Taylor!!!  He is such a cutie pie!!

maddox 112

The boys sat at one end of the table and the girls at the other!

maddox 113maddox 115maddox 116 

maddox 120

Baby E eating a hershey kiss!

maddox 124

Andrea and Taylor!maddox 126maddox 132maddox 134

This is our attempt at a family shot…I think it’s impossible!!  That’s OK though…it just shows the phase of life we are in!


All the partying got to this little fellow!!

It was such a fun day and I am proud to say…I’m 33 and loving life!!