Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Carrigan 10 weeks old!

It's Wed. November 19th 2008 and today finalizes week 10 of my pregnancy. The last 5 weeks have been awesome! (Despite the nausea!) I have enjoyed all the excitement that our baby has already brought to our life!!!
After 9 years of marriage, you get use to just the two of you. It's amazing how quick your mindset on things already begin to change. It's no longer Chris & me anymore, it's the 3 of us now! So anything we do now or when we think to the future there is this new addition that we are ecstatic about having with us! We call him/her George or Georgina. Just to give him/her a nickname until we choose a real one. Some people use cute little names like pea dab, little bean, sweet pea, etc... But We Chose George!! No matter what the name, there is one thing for sure, he/she is loved beyond measure!

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