Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maddox Brell Carrigan

So, i've been very bad at keeping my blog updated!! So lets see if i can catch the last 22 weeks up!!

In January we found out that Georgie is A Boy!!! So he is no longer Georgie he is now Maddox Brell Carrigan!! We were so excited to find out we were having a boy, not that it mattered either way but i know Chris was hoping deep down for a boy!! Seeing him on the ultrasound was awesome!!! It was probally one of the coolest things i've ever seen!! As soon as the tech put the thing on my belly Maddox wanted us to know he was a boy!! Very clear pic!!

I have felt pretty good since i got over all the nauseau & queesiness in the beginning. I had an issue with my siatic nerve but I was healed of that!! Thank you Jesus!!! I have one swolen leg and foot, but other than that everything is great!!

I have had 3 showers. My work shower was April 18th, My sissies, cousins & friends gave me a shower on April 25th that was awesome, there were probally close to 50 people who came! This past Sunday I had a church shower! Got lots of diapers!!! Maddox is already a blessed little boy! We are so appreciative of all the gifts that have been given!!!

So, I have 6 weeks left & I can't wait to see him! Chris & I are just really anxious now!!

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