Thursday, April 22, 2010

Play Ball!!!! Maddox what are you up to???

Church Co-Ed Softball has begun!!!
How Fun!! We had our second game on Monday night!! We lost but we are having a blast!!!

This is my #1 Cheerleader!!!

Swing BattaBatta Swing!!! I don't think this one went very far!!

Maddox is now 10 months old!!! He was 10 months on Sunday, April 18th. I'm a little behind but Maddox, What are you up to?????

You are 28 lbs and still wearing 18-24 months (some 2T) your summer shoes are size 5!!!
You are now CRAWLING!!! Yeah!! You actually started crawling on Easter Day, April 4th. Since then you have started pulling up on everything!!!
You are so much fun but you wear me out!! You love to hold our hands and try to walk, I think you will get the hang of it sooner that I really want! I'm sad that everytime I hold you now you try to get down or wiggle off my lap. I have figured out a game to play with you to get lots of kisses!!! Love them!! You love to laugh and are happy most of the day. You love to play your xylophone. You are eating just about anything but you have a really hard time with meats. You sleep on your stomach alot now and push your butt up in the air, it is too cute. I'll post a pic soon!!

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