Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maddox Plays Tee Ball

We are having so much fun watching Maddox learn to play tee ball!!  He started practicing around the end of August and had his first game while we were at the beach.  So about 2 weeks ago I shot these pics of his first official game!!  We were so proud of him!!  To be just 3 he is doing a great job!! 


He is the youngest one on the team.   We weren’t sure he would get to play b/c the league starts at age 4.  They will let a 3 year old play if they are close to 4 but at the time we signed Maddox up…he was 10 months away from being 4. 

Fall ball is more laid back than in the Spring so they let him play anyway!!


He is really starting to learn all the concepts of the game.  He is a decent little hitter…he has hit a few to the grass.


He also likes to play in the grass!!


Chris is a base coach when he is there.  There have been several makeup games on Friday nights and Chris can’t be there b/c of his commitment to coaching Football.  He also had to work this past Saturday and had to miss.  I know it kills him to miss a game but sometimes it just can’t be helped.


He has his tongue stuck out…too funny!!


First Base



Second Base


Third Base


Running Home!!


Game Over!!


This past Saturday Maddox was on 3rd base and his coach told him to run hard to home plate and to make sure he tagged it.  So when Maddox got home he bent down and touched the plate with both hands!! Too funny!!! I was laughing so hard!!

Throwing ball into our busy schedules has really gave me a glimpse of how crazy busy life is going to be with 2 active boys.  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I just pray I can make it to everything they ever have!! I don’t want to miss a thing!!

God is so Great…..Have a Blessed Week!!


Kimberley said...

such a cute little slugger!! great pictures!!

Anna & Kirby said...

Too cute!! I can't wait for Kaden to play ball :)

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! Adorable!

I'm Cindi... said...

The one of him yawning (It looks like he's yawning.??)...priceless!!