Monday, September 30, 2013

Wreaths and More Wreaths

I have developed a love hate relationship with making wreaths!  I love designing and creating them...oh...and the trips to Hobby Lobby.   I hate that it takes what little free time I have during the week to do them.  I made a mistake of buying extra supplies to make a few to sell... And that turned into a part time job....that made no money...ha! (Supplies are expensive...even at 40-50% off)

So I'm done for now...until Christmas time!

My first wreath ever!!Go Cocks!!

One for my sweet niece Stella...when she was born...for the hospital.

The first one I sold! I ended up making 4 more identical to this one.

Special order for a Pittsburg fan!

For my studio at the salon!

A coworker

My front door

My sisters MIL
I am ready to start getting inspiration for a Christmas Wreath!!!  


Brett said...

These are all awesome, and so fun! You are very crafty =) My fiance would LOVE the South Carolina one.

Kimberley said...

wow! those are awesome!!!

Cindi said...

Oh, Chick I totally would have been your 5th sale on the pumpkin/green/chocolate chevron. Wow, these are gorgeous! And I definitely feel your pain on the supplies. Every time I get crafty and go buy what I need to make something I always think to myself, "Could have bought it cheaper, and I wouldn't have had to spend the time trying to create it." Oh well. It's my therapy so whatever. Hope all is well with you and your boys. :)

Sarah Bolynn said...

I love them all!! I'm not even a USC fan but I love the wreath!!