Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Losing Teeth and Starting Kindergarten!!

On Sunday.... I was doing my typical Sunday picture of the boys when Maddox randomly sticks his fingers in his mouth and pulls out his second tooth! It was too funny! He lost his first tooth about 3 weeks prior. I had no idea they would start coming out with him just barely being 5! Slow down!
He was so excited!!!
Hope this doesn't gross anyone out!
The new smile after losing the tooth!
Sweet Brothers!
On Monday The tooth fairy Money Maddox got was burning a hole in his pocket. He begged me to go to tractor supply to get a tractor. Toy tractor that is.
Notice this was our first stop

And here is our second stop....hmmmm....something looks funny...well yes, my child has his pants on backwards! How could I just be seeing this...I need to be a little more observant!

Next stop... Wal-Mart.... We ate lunch at Subway while we were there....I savored this moment as I was thinking this was our last random lunch date before Maddox starts school. Only days off school and summer vacations from here on out.

Today was Maddox's first day of Kindergarten... That post up next!!


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