Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

Well...it finally happened! Mom got out ruled on the costume choices this year. My reign of choosing for them is over! :(
Having said that....I loved their choices!!! Not because I love Captain America or Ninja Turtles but because they LOVED their costumes and they truly display the phase of life we are in!
Ryder was in character ALL night!!!!!
We snapped a few pics before leaving the house.
Cutest Captain America I've ever seen.
We stopped by my Mawmaws church for a little trunk or treating.
Loading the bag.
Nanas house!!

Ryder was over pictures!

Mawmaws house!!

After we left there we headed to a neighborhood and trick or treated with friends. We got about 7 houses in before the bottom fell out of a thunderstorm....completely cutting us off from our treating! But the boys had LOTS of candy by that point so we achieved what we set out to do!!

Élan and Beckham !

Élan convinced Ryder to play Barbies!


Backing up to Wednesday before Halloween..Ryder's party at school.

I love the fishing game!!

When I was going thru the pics on my phone... I started cracking up when I saw this on and immediately sent it to Chris. Ryder's hand!!! Oh my goodness....it's starting way too early!!! Haha! And his look on his face is priceless!

Maddox's class party.... The kids are doing Yoga. Sounds festive to me! Lol!

Nothing like chauffeuring around Leo!!!



Renae said...

Their costumes are too cute!

Cindi said...

The costumes. Perfect!!!

Mirabili Vestium said...

Which costumes mom used to choose for them before?:)