Friday, January 22, 2010

Where oh Where does time go???

So I was inspired by a friend who I was doing her hair tonight to update my blog. If there is one thing everyone should know about me, it is that I have a hard time making myself write! God has laid it on my heart so many times to keep a journal & I have not obeyed. I know that he has a reason that i'm suppose to do it so I need some follower support to help keep me on track!

I was just reading my last blog & I just don't understand where time has gone. Maddox is now 7 months old!!! How quickly he went from 7 weeks to 7 months. I know that there has been so many awesome moments & memories during that time and it would be impossible to recollect them all. So I'm going to do my best to sum up the last 5 months & then i'm going to do my best to stay on top of my blogging!

So my little 8lb newborn baby is now soaring off the charts at a whopping 25 lbs!! At his six month well visit, the Dr said "He is the size of a 12 month old". One thing is for sure, I absolutely love it!! I wanted a big baby & God surely did answer my prayer!! Maddox is thriving!! He eats all the baby food Gerber & Beech Nut make & he sucks every bottle dry!! He is a healty boy!! At his 6 month Dr visit she did find a heart murmur. We took Maddox on Jan. 11th to have a cardiogram & the specialist found a condition called pulmonary stenosis. It is a very mild condition that should never cause him any trouble or that would never need any kind of intervention. We are very relieved that everything is OK but I am believing that he doesn't even have to live the rest of his life with even that. I don't feel like God wants us to settle for any kind of health problem whether its big or small so I'm believing that God is going to go ahead and nip it in the bud now & when we take him back in 6 months I'm confessing that by his stripes we are healed and they are not even going to find anything!!!

Ok on with more updates before i start shoutin!!

Christmas was absolutely Wonderful!!! This was the funnest Christmas since I don't know when!! Having a 6 month baby at Christmas time brings Joy beyond measure!! I tried to cherish every moment. December was a very busy month & I had a few moments during that time I felt like I was missing out on too much of Maddox's life. I had to realize it was just from all the extra holiday festivities that was making it feel that way and things would eventually get back to normal, so I talked myself out of quitting work, selling my house & living in a tent so that i could spend more time with him!! I'm sure all moms have felt that way! Its just super hard to find a balance sometimes. If I could give one piece of advice to younger women, it would be to save, save, save, your money & try to live off your husbands salary so that when you have a baby, you can have the option to stay at home. I would have never dreamed I would have ever considered wanting to stay at home but after you have the baby, you change a lot of your thinking!! A career can always be acheived later in life but you can never get those early years of your child back.

Well, I have so much more to say & update but I'm gonna try to spread it all out over the next several blogs so that this one doesn't turn into a book!!


andrew and amber grooms said...

I am so glad you are blogging!!

Laura Taylor said...

yay! Kimmies blogging again!