Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Snowed in Weekend!! Where is the Cabin Fever?

So on Friday around 3:00 p.m, we started to see the first flakes begin to fall!! Of course I was at work but what an exciting work day it was. When the forecast calls for a good chance of snow accumulation, I can't help but to get excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and my coworkers feel the same way so there is alot of anticipation in the air. The last snow we got (6 weeks ago) was pretty but I didn't get to enjoy a minute of it. It was the Friday before Christmas & that is a very important day in the beauty industry. Women NEED their hair done!! I promised my clients if they could find a way to the salon, I would be there for them, so I ended up working thru the last snow. So I was soooo excited that I had the weekend off & could really enjoy this one!!!
It's so funny how having a baby changes you. Before Maddox, I would have gone CRAZY if I would have had to stay in the house all day. So why do I have no problem with it now? Our day started off sweet with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I got my 504 piece puzzle fix, lots of quality time with Chris & Maddox, and Mom and Dad came over for supper & then we played UNO!! How fun!! I know that I couldn't handle 2 days of it but not having to change out of my pajama pants & sweatshirt for the day was GREAT!!
Today was so much fun also!!! Chris made grits, eggs, & bacon for breakfast, very scrumptuous!! Maddox got his first experience in the snow!! We took him out & made a few pictures. He didn't care to much for sitting in the snow, he looked like he just didn't know what to think about it! Our neighbor kids came over with their sleds & we did a little sledding down our front yard! It was fun, I got to take Maddox on his first sled ride!! I know he'll really get into it next year & it will be even funner but I'm in no hurry for him to grow up & be to that point. I just want to savor him being 7 months!! The roads were starting to clear a little so we decided to go for a joy ride & ended up at McDonalds for my Caramel Latte fix, we got to see the awesome home our best friends are buying, and then we ended up at Hallman Hill! It was the funniest thing, Joy & I sledded down the driveway like little kids, (Chris followed us in the Tahoe b/c we were about to leave) we decided to go back and get Tori to come spend the night with us so we hooked the sleds to these 2 hooks on the front of the Tahoe and hopped in, then Chris backed all the way up their winding driveway pulling those sleds on the front!!! I know that had to be a sight!! So we topped the night off with 2 Dominos pizzas, cheesy bread, cinna stix, home videos, Guess Who, and the Grammys! Tori is now snoozin on one couch, Chris on the other, Maddox in his crib & I'm winding down!! Despite the fact I missed being in God's House today, I praise God for such an Awesome Day!!

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