Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

It's another first for our little man!! His first Valentines Day!! I've always loved being Chris's Valentine but I am so excited to have another Valentine in my life...My little Maddox. I love buying clothes for my little man and I now have a favorite item, "My Mommy is My Valentine" shirt. It's really too bad he wore it for the last time today. (Unless he slows down growing extremely!) I made everyone that looked at him read it....including his Dr. yesterday!! What can I say, I'm a proud Mommy!!!

Anyway, we had a great Valentines Day! We went to church, hung out at home & then delivered some Valentine gifts to family. The Amazing Race came on tonight & I was so excited to watch it b/c Jeff & Jordan from Big BRother are on there!! I love them!! I'm now hooked to this season & have already picked out my favorite teams & the teams I'm ready to see get the boot!! The team that got eliminated tonight was a married couple and they were so sweet. The husband couldn't complete his challenge and his wife was so supportive & was still so proud of him. She didn't have one negative thing to say about him except how proud she was & she knew he gave it his all and that as long as they have each other, that is all they need. Her attitude really spoke to me on how we should always look at the positive in our spouse, or in anyone, even thru there incompletions. If that were me, I'd probaly wopped him upside the head & said "Thanks alot for getting us eliminated!!" So that was a heart touching moment for me to make me want to be a better wife to my husband. What a great Valentines!!


andrew and amber grooms said...

Maddox is so cute!! I love his valentines day shirt :)

Laura Taylor said...

Kimmie! Im sooooo happy Jeff and Jordan are on there too! That was a really good episode!