Monday, October 4, 2010

Anniversary, Wedding and Birthday Celebrations

This past Saturday Chris and I celebrated our 11 year wedding Anniversary!  It’s so hard to believe 11 years have already come and gone.  I can’t say that all the years have been easy but I can say that I have an Amazing husband who I am so in love with!  Chris is everything I could ever want in a husband…he loves me with all his heart and is always willing to go the extra  mile to honor me but most importantly he is a man of God.  I am so thankful to have a husband who prays over me and our family.  The last 15 months I have been amazed at how awesome of a Dad he is.  I can truly say that he shares half the responsibility of caring for Maddox…there is nothing I do that he can’t do and Maddox adores him!  I look so forward to spending the rest of my life with him! ( I know you are going to read this so…..Love You Baby!!)

Having said all that, what better way to spend your anniversary than going to a wedding!!  Our friends Melissa and Jordan were married on Saturday and we were happy to be at there ceremony and reception.  Joy kept Maddox all evening and then he spent the night with her so Chris and I had lots of time to spend just the two of us!  We missed little man but it was so nice having our time!




The Groom, Bride and her cutie pie Harrison


I love my Keleigh, her baby is due in 6 weeks and I’m excited to be helping host her baby shower next weekend….Chris snapped this picture trying to be funny but I actually like the candidness of it!


Me and My handsome man

On Sunday evening…we went to Joy’s house to celebrate Tori’s 7th Birthday.  Her birthday was on September 30th but we couldn’t get together until Sunday.  Joy made some yummy Taco Salad and we enjoyed some delicious birthday cake.



Papaw giving Maddox coffee…Maddox only liked putting his lips to the hot cup.


My beautiful sissy!


Tori’s Cheer Explosion Cake


Birthdays are so exciting for kids!!

IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5444 IMG_5446 IMG_5448

Make a wish Tori!!

IMG_5450 IMG_5461 IMG_5464 IMG_5472

One of her new tops and pants from Justice!!


Maddox got spoiled staying with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jay Jay…they give him chocolate milkshakes!


Do all little boys love balls as much as this kid?    

The fall weather was so beautiful today so me and Maddox went out for a stroll thru the neighborhood in his wagon!

2010-10-04_11-19-27_18 2010-10-04_11-19-33_514 2010-10-04_11-46-25_203 

He’s going to see Bud-dy!!

Another blessed weekend…Thank You God for allowing us to Celebrate all the great things you have given us in our life!!!


Olga said...

Happy anniversary! You and your husband are a great looking couple!

What a fun weekend! =)

Casey Martinez said...

Yeah!!! Happy Anniversary and cheers to 11 years! I'm so passionate about marriage and it always makes me so happy to see Godly couples sticking together and working things out. God Bless your marriage and your family!!