Thursday, October 21, 2010

Show us your life – Nurseries and Kids Rooms

This is Maddox’s Sports Inspirational Nursery.  The pictures shown here are from his nursery before Maddox was born…so some things have changed but overall this is still basically the look!  I found it hard to decorate a boys room…i wanted something he could grow with but yet still have that touch of baby.  I feel I accomplished it well and I still love his room….it is just never this neat anymore!   Be sure to check out all the other Nurseries and Kids Rooms at Kellys Korner

baby geginnings 030


   baby geginnings 004

I found these at Ross…I love the quotes in them…Shoot for the moon…even if you miss….you’ll land among the stars and Life is not about finding yourself…it’s about creating yourself.

baby geginnings 005  

I found this at Hobby Lobby…It’s my favorite part of his room. 


  baby geginnings 012      baby geginnings 019

His name is the vinyl lettering from Upper Case Living….my sister Joy gave me this and I love it!!

baby geginnings 020

I really lucked up with the bedding because it has both UNC and USC colors and I am a fan of both…my husband is a bigger USC fan…notice Cocky up on the shelf!!


baby geginnings 021 baby geginnings 022 baby geginnings 023 baby geginnings 024

I like this plaque but it has been replaced with a Gamecock Fan Parking Only sign….imagine that!! Ha!  It is still really cute!

baby geginnings 025  

Please ignore how the crib blanket is laying over the front of the crib.  I took these pictures so long ago and I didn’t realize then it looks tacky.  Notice the blanket hanging on the right of the crib.  My younger sister Laura made it for Maddox and it is his favorite….he loves to pick the fuzz on it….I find red fuzz balls everywhere!! 

baby geginnings 028  

baby geginnings 032 

The mobile is no longer on the crib :(

baby geginnings 034 baby geginnings 035

Do you see the white baseball in the crib…it says babys first Baseball…it is no longer white.

baby geginnings 036 

I love our leather rocker glider recliner…we found it at Big Lots and It is so comfy.  I’m sure Maddox will want it in his room for the rest of his days at home!!


Our Life :) said...

So cute! :)

~SHO~ said...

Great job on the sports theme! Looks great!


Morgan said...

Just came across your blog on Kelly's Corner....LOVE,LOVE the nursery!!

Ms. J said...

Such a cute room!!

Kimberley said...

another great job! :)

Lauren & Matt said...

Cute room! I love the shelf..very neat!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the room and the shelf above the crib that goes the length of the wall! what a great idea!

Georgene said...

Absolutely adorable ! Love how you decorated using your tastes and hubby's instead of the the latest "craze". Precious !

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love the sports nursery! We have 2 girls, but if one of them had been a boy, we would have done sports nursery!