Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our weekend of Friends!!

The day after Christmas our neighbors came over to exchange gifts!!  We are so blessed to have great neighbors!!  They are the kind of neighbors you can call in the middle of the night when your husband is at work and the security alarm just went off and you are scared out of your mind and don’t know what to do….they are those kind of neighbors.  The ones that will come over immediately and search your house over and not leave until everything is for sure ok.  We are thankful to live beside of the Carlson’s!


Jordan and Caleb


Sweet Breanna


On Saturday after Christmas we got together with the Ratliff’s!!  Always a fun time catching up with them!!  Sweet Elynd and the boys had a ball playing!!


Elynd loves Sesame Street!!


Maddox in Chase’s hat!  Even cute Maddox looks a little dorky in that hat!  Can’t wait for that style to pass…I don’t think any guy looks good in a flat bill hat!!


This Christmas bag was one tough bag!!  It did not tear up very easily!! The kids played in it for awhile before it finally tore!!


Who knew a bag could be so much fun??


All 3 kiddos in the bag!!!

On Sunday evening…we had the pleasure of spending time with The Eurey’s!  We use to be with them every weekend before we had kids!  They will forever be our buddies!!  I cooked chicken pie, cheesy ranch potatoes, mac n cheese, corn and crescent rolls….gasp…yes I cooked!!  It was yummy!  After supper we got to play some spades just like old times!! Krista and I won!! Girl Power!!



Cute Elan and her beautiful hair!!


Elan taking Ryder for a ride!!


Maddox and Beckham had a fun time wrestling and boxing with the sockem boppers!!  We sure have got our moneys worth out of those things!!


Time to open gifts!!



While we played cards the little ones watched polar express and ate cookies!!

On New Years Eve…The Carlsons and Chris and Jennifer our neighbors across the street came over to eat and play games.


Ryder getting a NYE kiss from Kinsley!  Oh lord help me!!  Kinsley is Maddox’s age and was trying to be a little Momma to Ryder.


I told Maddox to smile and he broke out into this pose!!


We played Guesstures and Taboo!  Maddox made it until midnight but little Ryder didn’t!!

We had a super fun weekend having friends and neighbors over and I’m pretty sure I crashed on NY Day!!!

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