Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Highlights!!

I would sum up 2012 for me as a year of rest and healing!!  I have a new perspective on life and I feel 2012 reflected it!!  The little things in life are the greatest things in life and we should never take them for granted.  We should value everyday as a special gift and when we get upset about things…ask ourselves the question….”Does this really matter?”….”Is it worth wasting precious time being mad or upset?”  I found myself asking these questions a lot and I can truly say…they make you stop and think about what is important and can quickly change the direction of your day.  Now I’m human so I can’t say everyday was bubbly and rosy but for the most part, I was Happy Happy Happy!!

Aside from all the get togethers with my family and friends, holidays, birthday parties and just great days with my hubby and boys…here are some of the highlights from our year….in somewhat random order!!

In January we had the best time with great friends on our 5 night Bahamas Cruise!!


I had my stroke in November 2011 but I had my second scare in January 2012…I was last seen at Duke on November 5th 2012 and was told that my arteries were completely healed and showed no signs of the dissections.  I was able to come off the Coumadin and now I only have to take aspirin!  I am so thankful!  So glad I serve a God who heals!!

  • Maddox Potty Trained

By March Maddox was fully potty trained!! My advice to anyone getting ready or trying to potty train is….they will do it when they are ready and when Nana threatens to give a spanking the next time they poop in their pants!! lol!! Hey…whatever works..right?  Maddox quickly got a routine down when he went to the bathroom.  He has to have his lightning mcqueen seat, his pants and underwear completely off and he would have to have his tractor book!!  Not long after this picture he decided he only liked to poop in private so he will tell you to leave and shut the door!!! haha!! The kid is hilarious!!



  • Ryder started Walking in August….he crawled for 6 months before he started walking…Maddox crawled 6 weeks before he started walking!!


A perfect week except for the biting flies!!!


We got lots of use out of our season passes!! Thank You Nana!!  Maddox loved Carowinds and surprised me by riding everything he was tall enough for…plus some…wink wink!!  I’m excited for Ryder to be older this year and will be able to ride more!!


  • Maddox Played Tee Ball!!  His first time playing an organized sport!!  He did so well to be a fresh 3 year old….the league starts at 4 so he did really well to be the baby out there!!!  Mommy and Daddy were proud!!!  He starts Top Dog wrestling next week, can’t wait to see how that goes!!


We made it to 2 pumpkin patches this year!  The first one with Andrea, Shep and Taylor and the second one a play date with Amber and Hudson!!






  • Gamecocks Game Date Day! Chris and I rarely get Date nights so when we do…they are very special!  We had a whole date day on November 10th.  We went to the SC vs. AR game!! So much fun and loved spending time with my main squeeze!!


  • Ryder Talking

Ryder has been talking up a storm lately.  I feel really horrible that I dropped the ball on doing his monthly post!  He is repeating most words he hears us say and has even started putting 2 words together.  I feel he started talking over night.  I was actually wondering if he was ever going to start talking and now…I don’t have to wonder anymore!!

One of my favorite words to hear him say is “ae pane” (airplane)

My favorite phase he says is “happy happy happy”

  • Christmas

I just finished up the series of post from Christmas so I’m not going to post any pics.  The whole month of December was a highlight of 2012.  I loved everyday of it!!  Having kids and Christmas are just a fun and magical mix!!

While writing this post I keep thinking of more and more highlights…they are the little things…just like I said in the beginning.  The little things that my boys do that I don’t ever ever want to forget!  I loved revisiting 2012 and all the JOY that it brought to our life!!  So thankful to be blessed with such a great year!!! 

I pray 2013 only brings even greater blessings.

Praying for all of you to be super blessed in 2013!!!

God is Great!!!


Kimberley said...

loved the recap!! love following along your journey :) wishing you a blessed 2013!

I'm Cindi... said...

Love this, Kimmie!! What an incredible year! Happy 2013 to you and your family too. :)