Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 3…Key West

On Monday, we ported at Key West.  We didn’t have much time there but we made the most of it!!  We arrived at 7 am but had to be back on the boat by 2 pm.


On our walk to the scooter rental place…I tried to snap some pics of scenery.  I loved this tree!


I love how chickens just run around everywhere!!



Our adventure for the day awaits us!!!



The scooters were so fun!!! Big Shout out to Keleigh for being the Scooter Photographer!!!

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This pic tells its own story….the guys could care less about having their pic made so I just have to shoot them in action.  Chase is taking care of business while he has free phone service…Brennan probably just said something really crazy and Chris is about to be sarcastic and make fun of him!


Us girls just like to act crazy and call it our Key West photo shoot!!!


If I was a real photographer…all the pics would have been taken in this direction….I’ll learn one day!!


Next stop on our scooter tour…the southernmost point in the U.S….how special!!


I have to tell the story….the cruise ships don’t tell you to stay away from the scooter rentals for nothing.  They really are dangerous…check out Kim’s knee.  She crashed her scooter into a row of bikes on Duval street…thankfully she only bummed her knee and was ok otherwise.  God was looking out for us!!! 


Duval Street


Keleigh is just gorgeous and should be a model!!  God blessed me with some pretty friends!!!!


We stopped in Claires to get some goodies for Kim to take home to Taylor…I think the guys had too much fun!!

Since the Super Bowl was Sunday night they moved our Captains Dinner to Monday night.  So our crew got all spiffed up in our formal attire!!


These ladies are so beautiful and sparkly!!


Sisters Ellen and Virgie are the sweetest!!!  They put up with all of us and laughed at all our craziness!!


Eggplant Parmesan….So good!!!


Chris had lobster!!!


One of my many favorite things about a cruise is coming back to the room after dinner and seeing my towel animal.  I have to admit I am like a kid about it….I get excited and I always have to have my picture made with it!!


We got into our comfy clothes after dinner and found ourselves on the lido deck at the self serve ice cream.  I mean…a 5 course meal should always be followed up with a cone of ice cream an hour later…right?


We do love our ice cream cones!!!  I really miss them!!

Key West was a blast!

Next Up…Bahamas!!!

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I'm Cindi... said...

I'm enjoying reading all about your trip, Kimmie!! How fun!! BTW, You look sooo pretty. I'm loving all of your gorgeous outfits. Just fabulous!! :)