Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brenda Kay

2 weeks ago…April 10th 2013…Chris’s Mom passed away.  She had been suffering from COPD and God decided to take her home before she had to suffer worse.  She also was grieving for Gerald…Chris’s Dad who passed away February 15th 2013.  As Maddox said on the way home from her house after she had passed “I bet she’s so happy to be with Pawpaw Gerald” ….it brought tears to my eyes.266

I honestly don’t have the words for this post.  I’ve put off writing this one in hopes that the words would come.  It doesn’t seem real.  I can’t believe they are both gone.  I can’t imagine what Chris is feeling inside. My heart hurts for him.  Chris was very close to his parents, especially his Mom.  They talked every day!  He is a Mama’s Boy.

Maddox and Ryder adored Mawmaw Brenda and Pawpaw Gerald, I pray Maddox will always be able to remember them.  I hurt thinking that Ryder didn’t get much time with them. 

But we will tell them…we will talk about them….we will remember them.

If you will…please keep Chris in your prayers. 

God is our refuge and strength…Our very present help in times of trouble! Psalm 46:1

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