Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day Brain Dump

I feel overwhelmed with all that I would like to blog about…so instead of trying to figure out how to catch up.  I’m going to just get some of my thoughts out with a brain dump!

1.  Baby Stella was born last night and I am so in Love!!!  She is so beautiful!!  I am so excited about all the fun stages she will go thru in the next year…and of course years to come.  I plan on spoiling her rotten!!!  Laura ended up having  a c-section after laboring all day and pushing for 2 hours.  They are all doing well and will get to come home from the hospital on Friday!!


2.  Being a Mommy to two boys that are 2 and 4 is very challenging at this present stage.  I’m struggling with how to discipline them.  Right now it seems there is no effective method.  I feel I lose my cool very easily and my patience is tested.  I don’t like feeling that way and I don’t like being a fussy Mommy who is constantly having to get on to them.  I’m just praying for God’s guidance….he designed them…and he knows what will work best.  I just feel they are in such critical ages that the discipline they receive will shape the rest of there childhood and better yet the rest of their LIFE.   I never dreamed discipline would be this hard!

3.  I had a REAL hair appointment today!!  I have been touching up my color myself for the last year!!  CRAZY!!  I do hair all day long but don’t take time out to treat myself…that’s going to change.  I enjoyed it so much!!

4.  I’m emotional already over both the boys starting preschool next week.  Maddox will be going 5 days a week now!  I don’t even want to think about how I will be feeling this time next year….Kindergarten!  Wow…where does time go?  

5.  I have started reading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Book and I LOVE it!!  I feel I have gained so much wisdom already and am only half way thru!  I’m so inspired and motivated by many things I have read!  We have been working really hard to become debt free and while it seems we have a long way to go still….we are achieving small goals along the way…and if feels so good.  I can’t wait to have the feeling of TOTAL financial freedom!!!  That will be AMAZING!!

6.  On a lighter note….Do yall watch Big Brother??  I’m so ready for Amanda to get evicted!!! 

7.  and Duck Dynasty is back on with new episodes…..Love that show.  But as far as TV goes…that’s about all I have time for!

8.  Maddox spent last weekend with Chris’s Aunt Jean in Kannapolis.  He did great and had a great time!!  We are so thankful for Jean and what she means to our family!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous week!!!

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