Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was  fun, busy, stressful, exhausting and full of candy!!  Pretty much, the perfect day!!!


I had been eyeing this Football costume for Maddox since he was 2!!  I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the ridiculous Pottery Barn price for it!  So this year I lucked up and found it for less than half on Ebay!!! Whoop Whoop!


So since I LOVE coordinating costumes…..Ryder HAD TO BE A FOOTBALL FIELD!!  The only problem was….I search online high and low, but could not find the costume.  So that only left one resort….DIY!!  Thanks to my husband for helping me!  He even did a little sewing on the project!!!  Man after my own heart!!!


Maddox was super excited to be a Football!!!


First stop was trick or treating at my Mawmaw’s church…Lander’s Chapel, it is just up the street from our house.  It is a small church and they had about 5 trunk or treat cars! 


Trick or Treat NANA!!!!


The sweetest Strawberry EVER!!!  Miss Stella!!!


I could seriously eat her up!!  Laura wore a shirt with “SHORT” wrote on it and Nathan had a shirt with “CAKE” on it.  So all together they were Strawberry Short Cake!!!  So cute!!





Love all the personality in this one!!




Maddox’s Face!


Family Portrait!!


Daddy kicking the Football!!


Love her!!


Nana and Stella


Daddy got home from work just as we were getting ready to leave.


Next stop….Mawmaw Mosteller’s!!


Mawmaw getting her Stella fix!!


My sweet friend Misty!  We trick or treat at her house every year!  She spoils the boys with prizes and cupcakes!!  Not to mention her house is absolutely AMAZING….decked out for Halloween!


There were only about 4 houses with lights on in our neighborhood so we hit them last!  The boys LOVED being out in the dark and getting to walk thru the neighborhood trick or treating!


Ryder didn’t know what to think about the pumpkin that threw up!!


The boys LOVE Breanna!!


I asked for a smile and this is what I got!  You can tell it was getting late and he was getting delirious.


Last stop!!!


Kim came out and was talking to the boys…..Maddox was ready to shed his costume.  He was wearing all brown underneath it so we were picking with him earlier and told him when he took his costume off…he became a terd.  So naturally what did he tell Kim after he took his costume off….”Now I’m a Terd”…..she started dying laughing!  Great end to a great night!!

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Kimberley said...

ADORABLE!!!! all of it!!! strawberry short cake is PRECIOUS!!!