Monday, November 25, 2013

My Boys!!

I feel like I need to do a huge long blog all about my boys!!  I have been so slack in blogging I am failing at recording things about them at each stage.  Their little personalities are continually changing and some days I’m not sure I’m going to make it thru and other days….I want to freeze time.  Because the thoughts of trying to recap the last 6-8 months completely overwhelms me…I’m going to start small….and promise myself that I’m going to do better about recording….my boys!


As you can see from the picture below….we are (literally) eating, breathing and sleeping football right now!  Ha! Not really….but my boys have gone football crazy!!!  Every night when I finally sit down on the couch they love me to pass football with them.  When I get tired of doing that…Maddox starts using that crazy imagination of his and makes up two teams….then ask me who I want to win…”Mommy…do you want the Gamecocks or the Panthers to get a touchdown?”  A minute later….he’s asking me about two more teams.  He throws the “Tigers” in there a lot….and I tell him….we NEVER pull for the Tigers around here!  But he insist that he really likes the Tigers….because that’s his favorite animal!  Why God?  ha!  I hope down the road I’m not making one of those wreaths that says…”HOUSE DIVIDED”.  Surely he’ll come to his senses by then….oh I pray!  He throws the football up in the air to himself, catches it and crashes on the floor…I have no idea how he is not completely bruised from head to toe….boys are tough!


Now little Ryder….he is such a mess!  We have had a time out of him lately!  My Mom has even threatened that she may need us to put in him daycare because she is just frazzled from him by the end of the day.  When Mom started keeping Stella….Ryder decided he was not going to nap at her house anymore.  So my Mom now has a 3 month old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old that DOESN’T NAP!  I can feel her pain!  Maddox doesn’t nap anymore but he will have quiet time on the couch and watch Disney….but Ryder doesn't know anything about “quiet time”.  But besides that….he is seriously the sweetest little 2 year old I know…and he LOVES his Mommy!  He is doing great in Preschool…he loves to go.  He loves being with Maddox….they fuss their share but overall they play great together.  Maddox likes to use his size to his advantage and wrestle and tackle Ryder….but Ryder is tough to be so much smaller….he may not have the size but I’m pretty sure the boy has heart!!


I have barely skimmed the surface with these two.  There are so many details I want to record.  But not tonight…because I want to start small and do better….so I’m sticking to it! 

Love these boys!!

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