Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Year Stats! June 23rd 2010

I was so wrapped up in all the party festivities the past week I didn’t even think about doing a post on Maddox’s One Year Dr. Appt.  It went really well and he checked out just fine!! He weighed in at a whopping 30 lbs!!!  He’s such a big boy!!  He is in the 105 percentile for his height and weight!!  NFL….. here comes MADDOX!!!  He did have to get some shots which was pitiful….he cried for a good little while after them. I know the dr’s office was ready for us to leave b/c his cry was more of a scream!!  Now that he walks, he wouldn’t set on my lap while we waited on the dr, so he got down in the floor.  Honestly, it makes me cringe, but what do you do?  I can’t take a mop and disinfectant with me everywhere I go, so all I can do is pray all the germs just stay off him!!  Weigh Time!! IMG_7122 IMG_7123  IMG_7125 IMG_7126IMG_7127 

He just got his finger pricked so they could take his blood, he didn’t cry during that one!!


He’s trying his hardest to sling the band aid off his finger!! It was too funny!!

IMG_7129   IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7136 IMG_7137  IMG_7139 IMG_7140

He finally got the band-aid off by pulling it with his teeth!


This is one of my cringe pictures!!  I don’t like thinking about what could be on that floor.

The dr. was really impressed that you could pick up the flat tongue compressor off the floor with your two fingers.  She said  your gross motor skills are developing really well to be able to do that!

IMG_7142 IMG_7143  IMG_7145 IMG_7146  IMG_7148 IMG_7149 IMG_7150

This one is really pitiful!!

IMG_7151 IMG_7152 IMG_7153

The good news is, Maddox, you won’t have any more shots for 6 months!!!


Laura Taylor said...

that pitiful face made me almost cry!!!

amber said...

he is seriously the cutest thing!