Sunday, June 6, 2010

A weeks worth of posts!!

So a lot has gone on since my last post!! This past week has been super busy and has gone by so fast! We had a great Memorial Weekend!! It was low key and that was just what we needed!! We grilled out with some friends who we miss getting to spend a lot of time with. Before we all had kids we were with them every weekend!! Maddox did not feel the best over the weekend and by Monday we were searching out Urgent Cares. Come to find out he had an ear infection, Bless his heart, he was so pitiful. This is his first ear infection and he is on 10 days of antibiotics. Thank goodness they flavor it with cherry so he takes it pretty well. He has been a trooper this week!! I couldn’t ask for a better baby!! Speaking of baby, my baby will be 1 in less than 2 weeks, I absolutely can’t believe it!! This has truly been the fastest and best year of my life!!! Thank You Maddox!!

So on Wed, may little sister turned 25!! Joy, Mama, Me, Maddox and Mammaw went out to lunch at 36th Street . My Mammaw had her 85th b-day on the 1st. Here are a few pics from that!

IMG_6991 IMG_6992 - Copy IMG_6993 - Copy IMG_6994 IMG_6997 IMG_6999

Love this face!!!

Here is Laura’s real party!! Nathan got together everyone to surprise her at Sammy's, which is now one of my new favorite places to eat!!

IMG_3190 IMG_3197 IMG_3200 IMG_3201 IMG_3226

So before and in between the two get togethers, I took Maddox to the Dr. for a follow up appt on his ear, bought a bunch of b-day gifts, gave Mammaw a perm and went to the grocery store!! Whewww…..what a busy day!!

Friday evening when I got off work we decided to go to Hog Happeniin which I had never been to. All I can say is WOW…. I sure wish I would have had my camera!!! Thats all I’m gonna say!! On the upside of all the ugly we heard a few good bands and ate Deep fried Oreos!! UMMMM!!! They were actually coated in funnel cake batter, and then fried. I think I gained a few pounds this weekend but It sure was good!!

Last night me, Chris and Maddox just chilled at home, ate Pizza and watched The Tooth Fairy!

A major event happened today……we left Maddox in the nursery at church!!! After a year of saying I would never do it, I finally gave in (actually Chris laid down the law)! Maddox did great and Chris and I got to hear a great message! All the playing in the nursery wore him out pretty good b/c he slept for 3 hours when we got home!! Next, we’re off to Jaydan’s birthday party!! I just love getting to take Maddox to B-Day parties!! I love the fact that both parents bring their kids so it gives all the parents some great adult time! We had fun and it was a beautiful day!! Once again Maddox was completely worn out! He was so sleepy on the way home but wouldn’t fall asleep, so when we got home, our neighbors were outside and we got to catch up with them. The kids just love Maddox! He was so filthy dirty this evening he got his second bath of the day!! What a blessed Sunday!

IMG_3233IMG_3234 IMG_3232IMG_3235 IMG_3236 IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3242 IMG_3253


Jaydan the birthday girl!!!


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