Wednesday, July 21, 2010

13 Month Update!

Ok, so what’s new with Maddox?  Well, first off he is just growing way too fast!! Everyday he is doing something new!!

One thing I have noticed recently is he now points to what he is wanting. It’s so cute seeing him do it, and I ask myself  “how does he know to do that?”. 

He is eating good again.  The other day he ate 1 1/2 hotdogs (minus the bun) and then a whole hamburger loaded!!  I was amazed and i wish i had taken a picture of the burger to post how big it really was!

He is saying Mama a lot more now and i LOVE it!! 

He is almost completely off the bottle!! Today was the first day he didn’t  have his nighttime bottle.

He has cut his 4 molar teeth so he now has a whopping total of 12 teeth!

He is starting to get interested in his books!

His favorite word is Bud-dy!  Everything is Bud-dy!

Today we went to Babies R Us to help a friend register for her baby boy due the first of October!  I love going to that store and looking at all the baby stuff!  I remember how overwhelmed I was the time Chris and I went to register.  I fell seasoned now when I go in there! Ha!  Then, this afternoon we headed to the pool!!  Maddox is getting more and more comfortable with the water!!  I cherish out pool time!!  He gives me lots of kisses in the pool and it is just too sweet!


I picked this ball up off the floor at Babies R Us a bunch!  I finally had to hide it!!

IMG_7303 IMG_7304 IMG_7308 IMG_7317 IMG_7319 IMG_7320

Can you tell he is making the brooooom sound with his lips!


Maddox is eating a veggie chip in this pic but it looks like he is thinking really hard!!


My sweet niece Tori spent the night with me last Friday, Chris was out of town for football camp so me, Tori and Maddox had a slumber party!


Maddox is about as big as Tori!! Ha!


Tori loves to take pictures with my camera!


She found some jewelry she liked and is showing it off!  I sent it home with her!!



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amber said...

i know i say this every time...but maddox is toooo cute!!! 12 teeth?!? that is crazy!!

ps i loooove that blanket!