Friday, July 16, 2010

Oak Island Beach Getaway!


On July 10th we headed out for the beach!!  Oak Island is the beach we grew up going to and even though we hated it as teens b/c there was NOTHING to do, I absolutely love it now! You truly enjoy the beach for the beach!!  No commercialism, just salt water, fishing, sand castles, sun bathing, reading under an umbrella, and walks on the beach.  (oh yeah, and Dairy Queen!)  I was so  excited to get away but I knew the 4 days would fly by so I had to savor every moment.  We had a great time, but like i knew, it was just too fast! 

Here is Maddox getting ready to see the beach and ocean.  This was not his first time on the beach, he was 3 1/2 months the first time. 


Radio Flyer Wagons come in very handy!!

IMG_7178 IMG_7179

Ok, so this is his true first reaction.  He did not like his feet in the sand! Ha!


It didn’t take him long to warm up to it!


Here goes the hand to explore and check it out!


 IMG_7187 IMG_7190


Time to head to the water!


Not lovin the water so much!


Day 2

 IMG_7207 IMG_7210 IMG_7211 IMG_7214 IMG_7216 IMG_7219 IMG_7222

Look at this cute hot mess!!  We have sand and cheese crackers all over us!!




Dairy Queen Time, Chris and Maddox are waiting in the line!


Day 3


My mom got this book for Chris (really for Maddox) in Southport.  He does not in any way eat tomatoes (except for ketchup).


Heading to the beach again!!  Please excuse  the no makeup look!



IMG_7243 IMG_7244 IMG_7249 IMG_7259

This is my favorite pic!  I love this look on his sweet face!


Chris and I got to go on a date night!!  We went into Southport and ate at PJ’s.  Then we went to the waterfront park and sat in the swing, looked out over the water and got to see Dolphins!!  If you look really close you can see a fin in the picture.

 IMG_7269 IMG_7270

Look at all the seagulls!!


My hot date!!  When we left Southport we went to the movies and watched Grown Ups, it was funny!  That was the first time I have got to go to the movies in ages!!



On Tuesday, Chris got up early and went fishing and I hung out on the beach for a couple more hours and then we headed back to L-town!!  Great getaway!

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amber said...

great pics kim! maddox is too cute :)