Thursday, November 25, 2010

17 Month Update


So Maddox what are you up to?

You turned 17 months on November 18th.  You weigh about 32lbs and are wearing size 2T and 6 shoe.  You are still in size 4 diapers but you could probably be bumped up to a size 5 but I’m squeezing all the time I can in the 4’s b/c you get less diapers in the 5’s.  Ha! 

You are finally starting to say some words…mostly mimicking what we say. 

You love your blanket that Aunt LaLa made for you.  It is a must have at naps and night night.

You are starting to like cartoons but I’m definitely going to control how much you watch.

You understand about everything we tell you to do.

You love to get a book and climb on our lap to read it to you….but most of the time you don’t let us finish it before you are climbing down to go get another book.

You love to be outside

When you see a deer you say BOOOOMMMM.  PawPaw taught you that!

You like to feed yourself.  You love fruit.

You still seem to love FOOTBALL!  Here are some pics taken a few days before you turned 17 months!




I love to get you laughing….you are just so much fun!!

We are so excited about you being a Big Brother because the love and joy is just going to double!!!  But for now….we are just soaking up every moment we can with you!!IMG_6060IMG_6062

You love to watch Wheel of Fortune!!


Look at those cheeks!! Love it!

We love you so much little man….you bring a smile to our faces no matter how tired we are, no matter how bad our day was or even when we don’t feel well.  Basically, you make every moment brighter!  We Love You Muchos!!

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Olga said...

He is the cutest thing!!!