Monday, November 15, 2010

Ohhhh……Life is Changing

Wow…I don’t even know where to begin on this blog.  So much to catch up on.  I took a little blog break over the last 2 weeks.  Mainly because I just haven’t been able to stay up late and blog.  I have been going to bed way early most nights because I’m just exhausted!  Sounds a little like pregnancy symptoms….right?  Right!!!!  Maddox is going to be a Big Brother!!!! We are very excited!! I always wanted my kids 2 years apart and God is granting me my wish….almost to the date.  My due date is June 24th 2011 and Maddox will turn 2 on June 18th……crazy right? Now the double whammy is….I just started working at a new salon in another town and it is a major adjustment!  Last week was my first week and it was great but I’m experiencing a lot of homesickness…being away from all the familiarity of the salon I worked at for 5 1/2 years and the great girls I worked with has been very hard.  I know sometimes in order to reach our goals…we have to leave our comfort zone.  I just don’t like the transitioning stage….especially with pregnancy sickness and the extra hormones. ha!  But I know that I prayed a long time about my decision and truly felt like it was what i was suppose to do….so I’m standing on the word God gave me and I know all will be great!  So that is just a little update on life…more details to come!

Here are some pics of Maddox over the last 2 weeks!

We told my family last Saturday at Laura’s house….she had us all over for dinner, corn hole and smores!!  Maddox had his Big Brother shirt on under the jacket so no one knew yet.  My mom took it off when we went inside and my sisters caught on when they saw it but we were half way thru eating before my mom and dad caught on!

It was ironic b/c Laura had us over 2 years ago around the exact same time and that is when we told my family we were pregnant with Maddox!

IMG_5978 IMG_6007 IMG_6020 IMG_6025

Yesterday morning….Chris captured these deer in our back yard….feeding on the corn he put out!!

IMG_6035 IMG_6037 IMG_6039 IMG_6040

Last night we visited with the Kisers…here is Maddox and his 3 week old girlfriend Elynd.  It’s so cute…Maddox says..Bebe

IMG_6041 IMG_6043

This is what we will look like in less than 8 months!


Thank you God for blessing us with another one of life's greatest miracles!


Olga said...

CONGRATULATIONS girlfriend!!!! Yay!!

I am also expecting, and the baby is due in July!!

I bet its better sweet going to a new salon, but thats great you guys trust in God and its for the better ;)

amywelborn said...


The Broome's said...

Congrats Kim!!! Hope everything goes well for you and I am sure you will adjust to your new salon just fine. It just takes time. Again congratulations!

Olga said...

Hey lady!!! I got your comment! I have been good! Super excited for this baby! I am also super excited to watch our bellies grow too, and what we will be having!!!! How are you feeling? Do you get any morning sickness? I sure do, but it doesn't start till I am about 7-8 weeks. Hopefully I won't get it this time. Are you guys going to find out what you're having or waiting till the end??

Kimberley said...

How exciting!!!! So happy for you!!! The Lord is so good, huh? :) I wish you a healthy pregnancy and beautiful healthy baby!!! Can't wait to follow the journey :)

All That Glitters said...

Oh my!!!! Congrats!!!!!! How exciting!!!! It is a small world!!!

Casey Martinez said...

CONGRATS!!! How exciting to be on the road to becoming a family of 4!!! I think we sort of hope to have the same gap between ours but, at this point with mine only 8 months old I'm not quite ready to think about it yet:). I hear you on the tough transition. I pray that it gets easier with time! I've been taking a lot more blogging breaks lately too and I think it's good:).