Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little of This and That

Wow…it’s hard to believe another week has come and gone.  I can hardly believe it is the first of November.  Crazy!!!  What’s even crazier is we will be decorating for Christmas in like 3 weeks….what?  It just does not feel like it should be that time of year again…but…I love it and look so forward to seeing Little man enjoy the excitement of Christmas!! 

This post is just random things over the past week.


I got tickled at Maddox eating this cheddar popcorn straight out of the bag…he did so good not getting it everywhere!


He is sitting on Bud-dy while eating it.

IMG_5893 IMG_5894

These were from Friday night…we decided not to go to the Football game.  Instead we just had a relaxing evening at home. Speaking of Football….the Wolves are now 10-0….as Chris says….Football is about to get really fun with the playoffs coming up!!

IMG_5909 IMG_5911

I wanted to get a few shots of Maddox in his cute little shirt…I ordered him some clothes online from the American Eagle kids line…77 kids and this is one of the shirts!


Down, Set, Hut


Mawmaw and Maddox….we stopped by her house before going to the fall festival…we got a late start so this was the only stop that we made before we headed to the fall festival.  She gave him a big bag of M&M’s that has the fun packs….he was loving him some M&M’s!

IMG_5943 IMG_5944 IMG_5945 IMG_5946 IMG_5949 IMG_5950

We went to a fall festival at my Mom’s church…Maddox enjoyed playing with Tori and Caine….running around…eating a hotdog (a bite or two)…sitting by a huge bonfire and going on a hayride!  This was all the pics I had from the festival….I am finding it hard to chase a Toddler and be a photographer at the same time…does anybody else have this problem?  It’s almost like I have to choose…do I want to be in the moment or capture the moment….I just haven’t figured out how to do both.

Today we got to go meet the little diva Elynd.  She was born last Tues and weighed a little over 5lbs.  She is so tiny!! Precious, Precious Precious!!!!  We are  so excited for our friends Keleigh and Chase on their sweet little girl!




 IMG_5955 IMG_5957 IMG_5960

Chase helped entertain Maddox while I held Elynd!!

IMG_5961 IMG_5964

Keleigh and her sweet babe!!


Tonight Maddox was so entertaining as usual…we laughed so hard as he kept trying to climb into the clothes basket.  He struggled at times and would put his head in first….it was too funny!

2010-11-01 0011

Since this is my scrapbook…i  want to record all of our highlighted moments of life with Maddox.  Here is a story that is probably one of the most sweetest moments of my life. 

Every since Maddox has been born, I have always prayed with Maddox on our way to Nana’s in the morning.  We also pray over our food.  Usually at night I have not been praying out loud over Maddox…usually that one is a silent prayer but I decided 2 nights ago that I am going to start praying out loud with him before bed too.  Maddox already knows when we say “lets pray” to put his hands together. (It is too precious)  Well tonight I was getting ready to lay Maddox down…he was still awake and I just started off my prayer…Dear Heavenly Father….and he pulled his arm out from behind my back and let go of his blanket and put his hands together.  It brought tears to my eyes and just made my heart overflow.  I know that doesn’t sound like much but  I didn’t tell him to do it and I didn’t even cue the prayer with “lets pray” but he gave honor to our heavenly father when he heard his name spoke!  It was a moment I will never forget!

If you notice….I have NO pictures from the Carrie Underwood concert!! Listen to this…I had my little camera in my purse and when I got to the concert realized it was dead….then…I had forgot my phone!!! What?  Can you believe it….I felt so naked all night not having any way to take pictures.  So hopefully I can post some that my friends took.  But the concert was so much fun and Carrie was AWESOME…love her!!!

Hope everyone had a great Monday and have a blessed week!!!


Morgan said...

I love the prayer story. What an amazing mother you are to set an example for him.

Kimberley said...

great pictures! the prayer story got me teary-eyed too! :)

Casey Martinez said...

Okay, now I'm ready for another tiny newborn!! My hubby is not going to like to hear that:). hahaha. The head stand picture of your little one is too precious. His shirt is awesome!